FC Schaffhausen

Manager: C. Wimmer

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FC Schaffhausen Transfers and Signed

Player From / To Date Price
Neftali Manzambi
Neftali Manzambi Centre Forward
2024-02-15 Free
Miguel Chaiwa
Miguel Chaiwa Defensive Midfield
2024-02-14 Loan
Agustín González
Agustín González Central Midfield
Javi Navarro
Javi Navarro Left Wing
2024-01-29 Free
Bruno Schmutz
Bruno Schmutz Right Wing
2024-01-27 Free
H. Alpsoy
H. Alpsoy Central Midfield
2023-08-09 Free
Miro Soldo
Miro Soldo Central Midfield
2023-07-21 Free