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An Indian artist is drawing attention to women’s fraught relationship

An Indian artist is drawing attention to women’s fraught relationship

In January, artist Indu Harikumar received a direct message from Instagram on “regular stranger”. “The man does not notice my breasts as if the rest are not there,” she said. The message was in response to Harikumar’s Instagram stories in which he regularly asks questions about body and sex issues and returns to the conversation.

Harikumar was intrigued. The experience described in the letter was not familiar to him. “In my early 20’s, people asked me if I would” give anything to my husband “because I was getting very small breasts,” said Harikumar.

“I would call her name” Carom Board “. I realized that not only were women with flat breasts, who had problems with the presence of breasts, and started wondering if there were more people with stories about their breasts .

This idea led to the emergence of the Hermione project “Identity”, in which they asked “women to send their pictures all around their breasts, along with their stories – cover So far, this 39-year-old girl has kept 14 women employees for the cause of how they are suffering or empowers their breasts.

At first, Harikumar was not sure whether he would lead this project or what kind of reaction it would bring, but it was a pleasant surprise.

In the last one month, it has received more than 40 applications. One of them was a transgender, while the last one was the man who wanted to share his story about the so-called “mobs”, which indicated that he would leave the word “woman” from his project.

Harikumar says that all the messages were inspired. An entry was from a woman who had received an adult nursing connection or a request for sexual breastfeeding – Harakumar Patte was not present, at least in India. She wanted to paint in a garden similar to Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits. I had read:

As always, Harikumar did not ask the sender about the meaning of the message. “I think their conjugated life can be a type of vanilla,” she said. “When you seek sexual pleasures outside her marriage, she faces these strange requests.”

“Kahlo’s self-image is a monkey in the garden, but according to the letter’s interpretation, I have two pairs in painting to show two worlds while swinging between them.”

Harikumar says that the project has shifted many followers from their chest to think differently – and give them greater acceptance.

“I started loving my breasts very much, I love the color of my dream and the harmless shape of my breasts, they are hanging on my chest, are resting, and now ready to please their appearance Were not, “was one of the reactions.

Although some people crossed the border in direct messages, most of them thanked them for giving access to stories that were impossible to reach.

“As women, we are accustomed to think of ourselves as bodies,” she said. “Most men of different sexes do not see themselves as bodies, and this is very pleasant for them.”

Recently a publishing Odyssey dancer presents in the Middle Ages in his series. According to his story, when he grew up, he was forced to believe that it was unfair for a woman to draw attention to her breasts. “Bra bars should be hidden quickly,” he wrote. “The scarf should cover the entire flower boxes.

” The more naked the outline of your clothes, the better. Certainly there was no mold for a woman to show her nipples. At the age of 18, he was surprised when he joined a dance class. To find such fixtures. “Imagine my shock, when the women in the Odyssey based on beautiful girls carving a temple were fine with their breasts … hell, they were in love with them … they had no concern about attracting their attention Was not. ”

The directive of Herikumar is clear for their respondents. They need to send a picture of their bust, but they should not be “naked” – they should “do what they feel secure and comfortable.” His only need is to keep the pictures in color.

“From the discussions I have made on Instagram, it is clear that Indians are ashamed of the color of their parts and what they see in white pornography stems from them.” “I wanted to be free from that because I wanted to paint a painter as much as possible.” Try to add all the physical details from bump to tattoos. “Before this project, I have never seen anybody close to my lovers too.”

Identity is the first complete digital project for Harikumar. They usually make pictures and make them digital. Clothes are included in their work dramatically.

When Karachi and Allahabad proved to be the undoing of pioneering

When Karachi and Allahabad proved to be the undoing of pioneering

The film “In Great Men in His Machine” revolves around a wind race in 1910, and there is often intense competition among participants. British director Ken Ankhan directed the British director Ken Anakin, in which international pilots played in a representative, humorous manner, in a specific way, in their countries.

Each rider deserves a £ 10,000 award in the race: Some people try to cheat and cheat, other curiosity and heroism. The film, released in 1965, was an accurate depiction of the early days of the flight, when nations competed in the sky and were eager to become Britain’s main air force.

Since the first manned and heavy flight, led by Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903, the aviation industry has made progressive progress. From 1909 until the second world war, known as “Golden Race of the Air Race” – pilots pursued the record, demanded pride for themselves and their countries.

Like the great men in their flight machines, a race has taken the spirit of time: the 1934 Macarburtson Air Race, one of the most ambitious, wide and wide aviation competitions.

Long distance race shows some of the major pilots of the western world – men and women. According to the advertisement, “nineteen country and seven sailors” spread around 18,100 kilometers across the country.

It started at Mildhenholz Airport in Safefall (East England) and ended in Melbourne, South Australia, the city where the race was one hundred percent. One of the compulsory stops was the Indian city of Allahabad, which was a scene of some intense drama, in which both the aircraft and the person were involved.

The idea of ​​the race was proposed in 1930 by Melbourne Mayor Harold Smith. The founder of the famous Australian confectionary firm MacRobertson, sponsored by Macpherson Robertson, is famous for his Freddy Frags Candy and his cherry cooked brand.

Robertson was not a beginner in this area – he had sponsored similar adventures earlier and was clear in his demands. The race was to be named after the company, and there was no agreement on security.


In the years leading up to the MacRobertson Air Race, there were similar attempts for short distances, but with an important stance associated with them. Schneider Cup was included in France in the King’s Cup in England to showcase development in Light Aviation, where the pilots showed their art skills and South Africa’s sledging race for South Africa.

In 1932, the Agarkan Prize was awarded for the fastest journey in any direction from Karachi to London. Engineer of Astabi, who flew from Karachi to London, got very little victory on JR Tata in the other. Later he worked as Chief of Indian Air Force from 1960 to 1964.

McRobertson air races, as well as Anniversary, have airports like Boeing, Lockheed and De Havilland to showcase the growing potential of long-distance aviation and their new equipment, especially Rotary Wing aircraft, which is more technical than lightweight and old dirigibles and businesses Were advanced, provided the opportunity to show.

For the pilots, this was another chance to face familiar enemies. The complete track with five mandatory stations – Baghdad, Godabad, Singapore, Darwin and Charlieville (NSW), follows the path set by British pilot, magician Jim Mollison in 1931.

He had traveled with a test road in Australia at the south of England in Limpens – eight days and 19 hours. Molison first achieved a record, and is now eager to challenge Pilot Mollison like Sir Kingford Smith and CWA Scott and win the MacRobertson Air Race.

Open to all

Of the 63 pilots who recorded the race, VL Chandramani was the only Indian expatriate from Karachi. But in the end, his pilot chose AM Murad to not fly and instead joined the rail company. There were other clearances and by the 20th of October, the date of departure, only 20 aircraft remained in the fight.

The race has historically been set at interesting times. Participants, who came mainly from the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands, have to show how Britain – the metropolis and its colonies – enjoyed a strong presence in those areas. But it did not prevent other countries from continuing their air test in a hidden manner.

Despite Germany’s restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, which prevented it from making machines for military use, found a way to create “double purpose” planes – machines that were used in the planes of war aircraft Could quickly be changed.

In the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, aviation researcher and pilot were preparing for the first visit to the Arctic from the Soviet Union to America – it would be successful in 1937.

The best inkjet and laser printers for home use that are reliable

The best inkjet and laser printers for home use that are reliable

From the beginning of the wirecutter, we were testing the printer. Overall, we spent about 500 hours in search of hundreds of inkjet and laser printers, testing dozens of them. HP OfficeJet Pro 8720, easy to use a multifunction color inkjet printer, is a good option for most people who need to print regularly at home.

Provides high-quality prints, scan and copy from any device you use, and is better engineered than competing.

Most Comprehensive Home Printers: Inkjet All-In-One

For this: Family – especially with school-age children – or someone who needs to do everything firmly.

Why we love it: HP Officejet Pro 8720 is one of the least annoying printers used by us, its simple setup, reliable Wi-Fi connection, smooth touch screen interface and well-designed software. Thank you.

It can be printed from any device you can imagine, because it works with Windows, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS and Android. In our testing of Best All-In-One Printer, we found that this model provides superb color print and sharp text.

Because it is an all-in-one, it can print, scan and can be double-sided, and can do this in a fast clip. It will also send fax if it still needs to be done.

HP’s pre-paid cost for this type of machine is justified, and the operating costs are low. This model can also take advantage of HP’s unique Instant Ink software, if you print many pages in full color or shiny images, then this is a great option.

We also love the design of model 8720 – Convenient Output Tray, which prevents your printed pages from reaching the ground, is a comfortable gene.

Damage but not broken: Because it is an inkjet printer, you can block 8720 if it is not used for a long time, it can be better if you do not print too much. (Waste cycles are required to remove ink tanks to fix the plug.)

There are no laser printers for this problem, but an all-in-one laser printer can print more in color costs. 8720 is not the most versatile device when it comes to non-standard media processing.

For example, you should exclude your letterhead paper and every time you want to print on the envelope or label, set the guide, because this printer does not have a secondary paper tray or a side slot – more professional (and More expensive) Common features among machines Finally, the front USB port is suitable for imaging and saving scans, but you will not be allowed to print the PDF file or word file. To achieve this capability, you need to upgrade to a more expensive model.

Why we love it: HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw is the best laser printer because it’s easy to use, gives great results and has a lot of reliability in laser printing technology. No matter how long you sit without using it, you can turn it on and start printing it immediately or less – and without wasting any toner in the cleaning cycle.

Although it is more expensive than a comparable monochrome laser printer, but it is also more flexible. In addition to clear text, it produces bright color graphics and can even produce respectable images (not only on photo papers).

Rapid print speed, and the cost of each page is justified. Smart-Touch Smartphone-style touch screen changes settings easily, and HP is the best in PC and laptop business. Unlike most other printers, the M254dw can be connected with a five-GHz wireless, which speeds up large print jobs and helps ensure that the printer will not lose contact with time.

Damage, but can not be broken: M254dw can take minutes or two minutes to get very big print jobs. We saw this problem only once during the trial, but many owners report it in reviews. Because this printer comes with 800-page black and white pages and a dimer set of 700 color pages, so you may need to buy or buy options within one year.

Getting the highest possible capacity of cartridges is best understood financially, but the full range of this device is very expensive.

Thanks to all this ink, this printer is large (tall, especially) and heavy, so make sure you have the space to adjust. Of course, M254DW is just a printer – which does not include the possibility of copying, scanning or faxing. To get these features, you have to upgrade to our all-in-one laser selection form.


A new podcast is digging up hidden stories of India and palaeontological heritage

A new podcast is digging up hidden stories of India and palaeontological heritage

“Flatten the spade through the soil under your feet and can reveal fictitious evidence from those living organisms that existed hundreds of millions or one billion years ago.”

So the beginning of the first episode of Desi Stones and Bones, which is Anupama Chandrasekharan’s podcast, behind the discovery, explores archaeological and fossil discoveries and stories of bold people.

In one episode, Desi Stones and Bones presented the archaeologists to the audience who attempted stone age instruments to understand the dates of human migration in India. In others, he focuses on the paleontologist who has discovered fossil dinosaur eggs in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Chandrasekharan has described the podcast as “a method of teaching geology, archeology and fossils” through its journey and interaction with ancient and fossil hunters. “The listener listens to my discussion and experiences,” she said.

Chandrasekharan was constantly interested in audio stories. During his stay in Thane in Maharashtra, he and his elder sister spent their summer vacations on filling empty tapes on a Panasonic recorder, which his father had given them.

“We were going to interview each other, [and I have] once … my 80-year-old grandmother sings, breaks her voice at some points.”

After 2014, the tumor became deeper, the year in which Reuters was left to rest. During this time, he was listening to a lot of podcast content, including Planet Money of NPR, which tells financial and economic issues “with interest”.

In another pleasant coincidence, after leaving his full-time job, he met Pranay Lal, a historic book on the natural history of the Indian subcontinent. “Their enthusiasm for stories in the field of paleontology and geology was contagious.

” They rejoined their long curiosity about geology, and began to interact closely with the subject. “As a printed journalist, I have not encountered these stories before: they blew me and stayed in my mind,” she said. “At that time, it happened to me that these were the stories that I wanted to hear and felt that they needed to tell.”

By this time, Chandrasekharan had started tampering with a project called The Recordist. “I did not pay any particular attention to the kind of stories I wanted to [with The Recordist],” she said.

“I have just produced audio stories which are interested in different types of areas.” Lal’s story was first published in the beginning of 2018 as part of The Recordist. But once he had a better idea of ​​the direction of his vocal material, the interview with Lal was up to the first episode of Desi Stones and Bones, which was uploaded in February for Soundwood.

It is important for Chandrasekharan to see the landmark stones and bones. “I want to knit the environment in the story, which includes sighs and laughter, dog barking or footsteps.” Its website hosting podcast includes Chandrasekharan paintings, photos and writing.

“When you are a freelance journalist, you are actually just using a story that how to tell the story”. “I was too firm to tell things as beauty as possible.”

Chandrasekharan has so far downloaded three episodes – about 20 minutes each – and three other episodes are under preparation. She says that it takes about a month to produce each podcast. It includes travel, interviews, recordings and documentation, before finally mixing it with music and commentary.

Archaeologists who invest their time and money often describe these valuable discoveries as “real adventurers”. “I do not know whether it is a condition of abundance or apathy,” he said of the scene of antiquities in India. “There is a treasure of searches, but there is insufficient control regarding digging and meditation which was later discovered.”

In 2018, as part of the National Geographic Workshop organized by journalist Paul Salubik, he visited the bed of the lake at Chimberambakk 30 km away from Chennai. British archaeologist Robert Fout discovered a secondary burial site in the 19th century with pots full of ash and stone tools.

“I was with a geologist who came back after more than a year,” said Chandrasekharan. “We came to see that the access to the site was cut, and the houses were built around it. There was a place where you could see the wonderful demarcation of the soil, [however] it was removed for sand Was [and was] torn with rubbish. ”

Chandrasekharan says that many prehistoric sites are close to the cities and if there is adequate monitoring then there are many possibilities to generate tourism revenue. During his visit to Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh, he had recently encountered the rock art discovered by local archaeologist.

The best DSLR cameras for beginners that take excellent photos

The best DSLR cameras for beginners that take excellent photos

Nikon D3500 is the best DSLR camera for beginners, who want to enhance their photography skills. It provides a great image quality for its price and a truly useful steering guide which helps you learn along the way.

It has an excellent battery life, easy connection to the smartphone, 1080p / 60 pixel video with autofocus with adjustable settings and comfortable control in very light portable body.

The 24-megapixel Nikon D3500 can create delightful color images, and guide mode offers practical details of camera settings and operations.

Battery runs longer than the battery of competition and is lightweight and portable to carry anywhere. D3500 is easy to connect to your smartphone, so you can share whatever you choose quickly. Video shoot 1080 / 60p as well

If you have a focus video, or you prefer to keep your footage on touch screen LCD or if you have small children, Canon EOS Rebel T7i Camera is a great option, which is available at a very high price.

The dual-pixel auto-focus system keeps your subjects focused even if they move across the scene. But the life of the battery is less than our best images (600 versus 1,550 shifts per shipment), which is heavy and slightly larger, and can not be compared with the Nikon D3500 mode steering guides.

Who should buy it

If you are frustrated with the limitations of taking pictures or videos on your smartphone and are interested in the benefits and commonality of impact of camera settings, then you might consider getting a camera without a DSLR camera or a mirror at the initial level. needed.

DSLR has more shooting sensors than budget points, smartphones and smartphones (which means better performance with low light and ability to catch a large set of lights and dark in an image), more manual control Allows to adjust the way to view photos.)

Interchangeable lenses for different topics (which are more options for capturing your desired perspective Is Unable to add).

This allows you to use high-power flash to control the status of your light. Most DSLRs can record better HD video than your old video camera – with external microphone that fits your photo.

DSLRs give you more options after completing the shoot, where they can record what is known as the raw image, a large type of file that stores more data than JPEG, , Lighter, or other image editing software to get the best picture.

DSLR of big budget – like our best choice in this guide – can help you become a better photographer and guide you through various shooting situations, so that the useful indications and guidelines included in their control lists Can provide.

Why not buy a camera without just a mirror

This is a very good question. It is difficult to choose between a mirror and a DSLR camera, because they provide very different strengths and weaknesses – which capture the images of both.

In general, the mirror camera will be much smaller and lighter than DSLR, but with an equivalent image quality. Non-mirror cameras have recent feature sets, including touch screen, Wi-Fi network integration and peak focus, and generally work on the most expensive side.

But they have a battery which runs less than shots. Its small size means that long-term imaging can be uncomfortable on your hands, you have fewer lenses to choose from, and an electronic camera is limited to lenses (some people prefer optical lenses) if you have a camera lens at all even get.

If you are shooting old cameras on digital cameras and you are using your camera to keep it away from your body and watch the screen, instead of standing in front of your eyes, you can not miss a scene .

The light portable camera that you carry with you everywhere may be a better match for you than the larger DSLR camera, which you can end up leaving on the shelf. Frankly speaking, for the beginning, there are no mirrors in the smallest and most lightweight camera, which will be of great significance for DSLR.

However, if you have some previous experience with Canon or Nikon system or some DSLR lenses at your disposal, instead of learning completely new camera language or building your lens library from the ground, it may be logical to continue this route. Or maybe you prefer a big camera in hand.

How did we choose

We spent hours searching for DSLR, which were recognized as the best budget alternatives by the world’s best photography sites – DxOMark, DPReview, photography blog, CNET and more.

We made fun of customer feedback on Amazon, B & H, Adorama and other major retailers, and we took advantage of our years of experience in photography trends.

DSLR for beginners should be able to do a lot these days. Here are some things we have seen: