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These Terms of Use describe the rights and obligations of all users using the Lootrs website and shall be read in conjunction with the above Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy which can be found here. Additional terms apply when you sign up as a Member for our shopping Programs.

Use of Website and Services

All content found on Lootrs.com, including reviews, guides, news, forums, contests, polls, and other forms of content, are provided at our discretion. Everything is subject to updates, deletions, or other modifications without notice, at any time.

The website is only available for users who are of 18 years of age, or older, who are resident in the United States and Canada. Those who are not of legal age or resident outside of the United States and Canada must not browse the provided content or use any of the available Services.

The Services

The website offers information about credit cards, store cards, airline cards, and other deals and offers available in from retailers online and in store (the “Services”).

The Services provided by the website are free and are provided for information purposes.

Website Content

The content is available for free and doesn’t require a paid subscription to access.

No information or content found within Lootrs may be copied without the prior written consent of one or more of the members of Lootrs, for that of commercial or non-commercial use.

Intellectual Property Rights

Lootrs makes no claim of any form of relationship or ownership to any of the logos or trademarks of any credit card issuer whose credit cards may be listed throughout the website of Lootrs.

The Company owns all other software, information, written materials, media files, images, pictures, videos, graphics, artwork, forms, animations, music, audio, text, and any other form of intellectual property available on the Site. (also known as “Website Content“)
The Website Content is protected by copyright law and so it is illegal to use or distribute pieces from the website without approval from the Company. By using the website, you agree with the Services and these Terms.

Your Undertakings and Representations

By being on the Website, you agree with the terms and affirm that you meet the following requirements:

  • You are at least 18 years of age.
  • You agree that the website is only for non-commercial use.
  • You have checked and found that the use of the website and its Services are not in conflict with any regulations or laws in jurisdictions that apply to you personally.
  • You abide by the Terms of Use, which can be amended at any time without notification.
  • You do not use or plan on using the information found on the website for illegal purposes or for unauthorized reasons that can violate local or international laws.
  • You are not impersonating any person, individual, or entity and you are using your real personal details.
  • You waive the rights to participate in a trial by jury or in a class-action suit against the owning Company of the website or any of its affiliates.
In the case that you are representing a company, organization, or entity, the use of the website warrants that you: i) are properly authorized to represent the respective organization and have the needed authority; ii) have read and agreed with these Terms of Use; iii) understand the agreement made with the Company under these Terms of Use; iv) agree on behalf of the represented organization.

Third party content

Lootrs is not associated with the credit cards, or the issuers of the credit cards, or any other U.S. company or organization (private, public, or governmental) that may be listed throughout the website, except for affiliate programs that advertise their products or services throughout Lootrs, either through banner advertisements or direct text links.

Affiliate partners who have an advertising relationship with Lootrs do not have any influence on the opinions and/or reviews posted by the members of Lootrs, as all credit card products and services are given equal and unbiased evaluations. However, affiliate partners may receive additional exposure throughout various sections within the Lootrs website.

User Content

Reviews and evaluations posted within Lootrs by website users are based on the individual’s personal opinion and do not reflect the opinion of Lootrs, or any of its members. Any serious consideration of a credit card product or service should not be based solely on the comments or opinions posted within Lootrs.
Though Lootrs regularly monitors all posted messages for abusive or inappropriate content, it is not responsible for the opinions, evaluations, or reviews posted by Internet users.

Links to External Third Party Web Sites

Lootrs at any time may contain links to other websites throughout the Internet. Any links to such sites are operated and/or owned by third parties. Lootrs may not be held liable for any inaccuracies of these links, availability of information, and/or the content of information that may be found in the third party website(s).

Freedom From Errors

Every effort has been taken to make sure that all information is accurate within Lootrs, but there is no guarantee and/or warranty to the accuracy of any information found within the website. Contact information has been provided for credit card companies and issuers for viewers of the website. This information is believed to be accurate at the time of publishing, but Lootrs will not be held liable for any inaccuracies.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The use of the website means that you completely understand and agree to the following:
  • Using the website, the Services and the content provided is done at your own risk and discretion.
  • Lootrs does not offer any guarantees or warranties that: i) the Website Content is what you want or that it is available uninterrupted, securely, timely, or error-free; ii) the results, services, or content will always be accurate or reliable; iii) the quality of the products, services, content, information, or other services transmitted through the website will meet customer expectation.
  • Any and all materials downloaded or obtained otherwise via the website or Services is done at your own risk and discretion. Additionally, you are responsible for damage that may occur to the computer system or loss of data as a result of such activities.
  • Nothing featured on the website presents a warranty or guarantee unless this is expressly mentioned in the Terms of Use.

Limitation of Liability

You understand that by using the Lootrs website, the Company is not and will not be liable or responsible for any damages that may occur directly, indirectly, incidentally, consequentially, or in other special conditions. This includes the damages that may result from the loss of data, profits, goodwill, or other intangible elements.
You agree that the Company and its affiliates are not liable for the modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Services or of the website in full.
The website is not responsible for the content available on Third Party websites that are linked to from articles found on the Site.


By using the website, you agree that you must indemnify and defend Lootrs, its directors, partners, employees, affiliates, and other related agents or entities. This includes covering reasonable attorney fees that may occur from any and all messages or other information transmitted, posted, or submitted to the Site as a violation to the Terms of Use.

Final Notation

Lootrs may suspend, change, or stop the service, or any aspect of the website (i.e. internal web pages), at any time during operation, including but not limited to, any database, message boards, email addresses, or other content without any prior notification or liability. This agreement may also be changed or modified by Lootrs at any time while the website is active. By using the website, you are bound to the terms and conditions set forth within. Once the terms and conditions can no longer be accepted, access to the Lootrs website, should no longer be obtained.
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