Vila Nova 1-1 Ponte Preta: Draw on Tuesday

GOIâNIA. Ponte Preta and Vila Nova draw 1-1. Lucca scored the first goal (7') for Ponte Preta. Rubens settled the score 1-1 (11') with a penalty.


GOIâNIA. Ponte Preta and Vila Nova draw 1-1. Lucca scored the first goal (7′) for Ponte Preta. Rubens settled the score 1-1 (11′) with a penalty.

The match was played at the Estádio Onésio Brasileiro Alvarenga stadium in Goiânia on Tuesday and it started at 9:30 pm local time. The referee was Antonio Dib Moraes de Sousa who had the assistance of Rogerio De Oliveira Braga and Marcio Iglesias Araujo Silva. The 4th official was Eduardo Tomaz De Aquino Valadão. The weather was clear. The temperature was pleasant around 16.8 degrees Celsius or 62.29 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 82%.​

Match Statistics

There wasn’t much of a difference in ball possession. Vila Nova was in possession of the ball for 49% of the time vs. Ponte Preta that controlled the ball for 51% of the time.

Ponte Preta was more aggressive with 59 dangerous attacks and 6 shots of which 3 were on target. However, this did not suffice for Ponte Preta to win the match​.

Vila Nova shot 18 times, 4 on target, 14 off target. On the other side, Ponte Preta shot 6 times, 3 on target, 3 off target.


Vila Nova received 2 yellow cards (Alex Silva and Ralf). On the opposite side, Ponte Preta received 3 yellow cards (Wallisson Luiz, Fabio Sanches and Felipe Amaral).

After this match, Vila Nova will have 11 points to stay in the 20th place. On the opposite side, Ponte Preta will have 13 points like Guarani to stay in the 18th place.

Match Events

  • 7'


  • 11'

    Rubens (Penalty)

  • 53'

    Alex Silva

  • 54'

    Wallisson Luiz

  • 67'

    Fabio Sanches

  • 69'

    R. da Silva Vieira

    Nicolas Morsch

  • 69'


  • 69'

    Wesley Fraga


  • 71'


    Diego Tavares

  • 71'

    Daniel Amorim


  • 78'

    Igor Formiga


  • 79'

    Marcos Vinicius


  • 83'

    Felipe Amaral

  • 88'

    Joao Lucas

    Pablo Roberto

  • 88'


    Willian Formiga

  • 88'



Next match

In the upcoming Serie B match, Vila Nova will play away with Cruzeiro on the 2nd of July with a 0-0 head to head.

Ponte Preta will host Tombense on the 3rd of July with a 0-0 head to head statistic.

Vila Nova: Formation and Lineups

Vila Nova started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

The manager Higo Magalhaes Batista chose to play with the following team: Tony (6.2), Alex Silva (7.1), Rafael Donato (6.5), Alisson Cassiano (6.6), Willian Formiga (7.1), Ralf (7.1), Pablo (6.0), Diego Tavares (7.3), Matheuzinho (7.9), Pablo Dyego (7.0) and Rubens (7.4).


Vila Nova made 5 changes: Rubens for Daniel Amorim (71′), Diego Tavares for Marlone (71′), Ralf for Romario (78′), Pablo Roberto for Joao Lucas (88′) and Willian Formiga for Jefin (88′).

Top player: Matheuzinho

The player who no doubt impressed Vila Nova the most was Matheuzinho.

His rating is (7.9) with 31 passes (67% accurate) and 4 key passes. He was won 7 duels out of 9. He performed 5 crosses.

Ponte Preta: Formation and Lineups

Ponte Preta started with a 3-4-2-1 line-up (3-4-2-1).

On the other side, Hélio César Pinto dos Anjos played with: Caique França (6.8), Douglas Mendes (7.0), Fábio Sanches (6.6), Thiago Lopes (6.5), Norberto Neto (6.6), Wallisson Luiz (6.3), Felipe Amaral (7.0), Artur (7.0), Nicolás (6.7), Fessin (6.4) and Lucca (7.8).


Ponte Preta made 4 changes: Nicolas Morsch for R. da Silva Vieira (69′), Wallisson Luiz for Wesley Fraga (69′), Norberto for Igor Formiga (78′) and Fessin for Luiz Felipe (88′).

Top player: Lucca

The player who no doubt impressed Ponte Preta the most was Lucca.

His rating is (7.8) with 1 goal, 21 passes (57% accurate) and 1 key pass. He was won 4 duels out of 11. He performed 3 crosses.

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