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Super League: AEK Athens recovers a 0-1 deficit to top Ionikos 2-1

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ATHENS. AEK Athens found a way to turn the table against Ionikos to win 2-1.

ATHENS. AEK Athens was capable to turn the table against Ionikos to win 2-1. It was Ionikos to strike first with a goal of Sebá at the 38′. Then it was a goal in the 82′ minute to make things even for 1-1. Eventually, Steven Zuber gave the win to AEK Athens in the 90′ minute with a goal. AEK Athens was vastly superior ball possession (71%) was among the key factors of its victory.​

The match was played at the Dimotiko Gipedo Neapolis Nikaias stadium in Athens on Sunday and it started at 4:00 pm local time. The referee was Anastasios Sidiropoulos with the assistance of Hassan Kula and Theofilos Moisiadis. The 4th official was Dimitris Maloutas. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was cold around 14.9 degrees Celsius or 58.75 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 72%.​

Match Statistics

AEK Athens was in firm control of the ball 71% while Ionikos was struggling with a 29% ball possession.

AEK Athens was more aggressive with 91 dangerous attacks and 19 shots of which 9 were on target. Which is one of the reasons AEK Athens won the encounter.​

Ionikos shot 10 times, 2 on target, 8 off target. On the other side, AEK Athens shot 19 times, 9 on target, 10 off target.


Ionikos received 5 yellow cards (Bandiougou Fadiga, Georgios Valerianos, Alaixys Romao, José Alberto Cañas and Fabien Antunes). On the other side, AEK Athens received 5 yellow cards (Domagoj Vida, Damian Szymanski, Harold Moukoudi, Steven Zuber and Steven Zuber).

After this match, Ionikos will stay with 8 points to stay in the 14th place. Talking about the opposition, AEK Athens will have 41 points to stay in the 2nd place.

Match Events

  • 35'

    Bandiougou Fadiga

  • 38'


    Bandiougou Fadiga

  • 41'

    Domagoj Vida

  • 50'

    Fabien Antunes

    Hugo Sousa

  • 55'

    Damian Szymanski

  • 60'

    Harold Moukoudi

  • 62'

    Paolo Fernandes

    Tom van Weert

  • 63'

    Mijat Gacinovic 

    Damian Szymanski

  • 64'

    Georgios Valerianos

  • 69'

    Alaixys Romao

  • 74'

    Petros Mantalos

    Orbelín Pineda

  • 74'

    Steven Zuber

    Nordin Amrabat

  • 75'

    Simo Rumbullaku

    Bandiougou Fadiga

  • 82'

    Domagoj Vida

    Paolo Fernandes

  • 83'

    José Alberto Cañas

  • 84'

    Fabien Antunes

  • 88'

    Vasilios Mantzis

    K. Woolery

  • 90'

    Steven Zuber

    Petros Mantalos

  • 90'

    Lazaros Rota

  • 90'

    Steven Zuber

Next match

In the upcoming Super League match, Ionikos will play away against Lamia on the 30th of January with a 4-1 head to head stats in favor of Lamia (1 draw).

AEK Athens will host Aris on the 29th of January with a 16-8 head to head record in favor of AEK Athens (9 draws).

Ionikos: Formation and Lineups

Ionikos started with a 3-5-2 line-up (3-5-2).

The manager Dimitris Spanos chose to play with the following team: Lefteris Choutesiotis (7.4), Dmytro Chygrynskiy (7.0), Hugo Sousa (7.1), Georgios Valerianos (6.9), Emanuel Šakić (7.0), Kaiyne Woolery (7.0), Jacques-Alaixys Romao (7.7), José Alberto Cañas (6.9), Sebá (7.3), Bandiougou Fadiga (7.4) and Georgios Mygas (7.1).


Ionikos made 3 changes: Hugo Sousa for Fabien Antunes (50′), Bandiougou Fadiga for Simo Rumbullaku (75′) and K. Woolery for Vasilios Mantzis (88′).

Top player: Jacques-Alaixys Romao

The player who no doubt impressed Ionikos the most was Jacques-Alaixys Romao.

His rating is (7.7) with 14 passes (57% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 6 duels out of 9.

AEK Athens: Formation and Lineups

AEK Athens started with a 4-3-1-2 line-up (4-3-1-2).

On the opposite side, Matías Jesús Almeyda played with: Giorgos Athanasiadis (6.6), Lazaros Rota (7.6), Domagoj Vida (7.3), Harold Moukoudi (6.8), Ehsan Haji Safi (7.0), Nordin Amrabat (6.8), Damian Szymański (6.2), Orbelín Pineda (6.8), Jens Jønsson (6.8), Tom van Weert (7.2) and Sergio Araujo (6.6).


AEK Athens made 4 changes: Tom van Weert for Paolo Fernandes (62′), Damian Szymanski for Mijat Gacinovic  (63′), Orbelín Pineda for Petros Mantalos (74′) and Nordin Amrabat for Steven Zuber (74′).

Top player: Lazaros Rota

The player who no doubt impressed AEK Athens the most was Lazaros Rota even if he didn’t score any goal.

His rating is (7.6) with 63 passes (82% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 8 duels out of 11. He performed 5 crosses.

Results of the day

These are the results of the day in the Super League


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