San Lorenzo 1-1 Independiente: Draw on Saturday

BUENOS AIRES. Independiente and San Lorenzo draw 1-1. L. Benegas scored the first goal (45') for Independiente. A. Bareiro settled the score 1-1 (58').


BUENOS AIRES. Independiente and San Lorenzo draw 1-1. L. Benegas scored the first goal (45′) for Independiente. A. Bareiro settled the score 1-1 (58′).

The match was played at the Estadio Pedro Bidegaín stadium in Buenos Aires on Saturday and it started at 2:00 pm local time. The referee was Andrés Merlos who was helped by Juan Pablo Belatti and Damián Espinoza. The 4th official was Carlos Andrés Gariano. The weather was clear. The temperature was cold around 14.3 degrees Celsius or 57.72 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 69%.​

Match Statistics

There wasn’t much of a difference in ball possession. San Lorenzo was in possession of the ball for 47% of the time vs. Independiente that controlled the ball for 53% of the time.

San Lorenzo was more aggressive with 73 dangerous attacks and 10 shots of which 5 were on target. However, this did not suffice for San Lorenzo to win the match​.

San Lorenzo shot 10 times, 5 on target, 5 off target. On the opposite side, Independiente shot 13 times, 4 on target, 9 off target.


San Lorenzo received 1 yellow card (F. Gattoni). On the opposite side, Independiente received 2 yellow cards (G. Poblete and L. Rodriguez).

(San Lorenzo) was sent out after receiving a red card in the (81′).

After this match, San Lorenzo will have 15 points like Lanús and Central Cordoba SdE to move down in the 19th place. On the other side, Independiente will have 16 points like Colón and Godoy Cruz to move up in the 20th place.

Match Events

  • 34'

    G. Poblete

  • 34'

    L. Rodriguez

  • 42'

    G. Hernandez

    C. Zapata

  • 45'

    L. Benegas

  • 58'

    A. Bareiro

  • 65'

    N. Barrios

    A. Martegani

  • 76'

    T. A. Pozzo

    J. Cazares

  • 76'

    N. Blandi

    A. Bareiro

  • 76'

    F. Perruzzi

    N. Ortigoza

  • 81'

    S. Rosane

  • 85'

    L. Gonzalez

    G. Poblete

  • 86'

    F. Gattoni

  • 90'

    J. Romero

    L. Fernandez

  • 90'

    R. L. Marquez De Meneses

    T. A. Pozzo

Next match

In the upcoming Superliga match, San Lorenzo will play away against Newell’s Old Boys on the 9th of June with a 3-1 head to head statistic in favor of San Lorenzo (3 draws).

Independiente will host Talleres Córdoba on the 11th of June with a 4-1 head to head in favor of Independiente (1 draw).

San Lorenzo: Formation and Lineups

San Lorenzo started with a 3-4-1-2 line-up (3-4-1-2).

The manager Fernando Berón chose to play with the following team: Sebastian Torrico (6.6), Federico Gattoni (6.7), Cristián Zapata (7.3), Jeremias James (7.0), Jalil Elias (6.6), Néstor Ortigoza (6.8), Siro Rosane (6.7), Nicolás Fernández (7.6), Agustín Martegani (7.2), Adam Bareiro (7.7) and Ezequiel Cerutti (7.3).


San Lorenzo made 4 changes: C. Zapata for G. Hernandez (42′), A. Martegani for N. Barrios (65′), A. Bareiro for N. Blandi (76′) and N. Ortigoza for F. Perruzzi (76′).

Top player: Adam Bareiro

The player who no doubt impressed San Lorenzo the most was Adam Bareiro.

His rating is (7.7) with 1 goal, 20 passes (65% accurate) and 1 key pass. He was won 11 duels out of 20.

Independiente: Formation and Lineups

Independiente started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

On the opposite side, Eduardo Rodrigo Domínguez played with: Milton Álvarez (6.6), Alex Vigo (7.1), Sergio Barreto (6.6), Juan Manuel Insaurralde (7.5), Lucas Rodríguez (6.7), Lucas Romero (6.8), Gerónimo Poblete (6.9), Leandro Fernández (7.2), Alan Soñora (6.8), Juan Cazares (7.3) and Leandro Benegas (7.2).


Independiente made 4 changes: J. Cazares for T. A. Pozzo (76′), G. Poblete for L. Gonzalez (85′), T. A. Pozzo for R. L. Marquez De Meneses (89′) and L. Fernandez for J. Romero (89′).

Top player: Juan Manuel Insaurralde

Probably the most impressive player in Independiente was Juan Manuel Insaurralde.

His rating is (7.5) with 49 passes (87% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 4 duels out of 11.

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