Plaza Colonia 1-0 Fénix: conquers 1-0 with a goal scored by M. Jourdan

MONTEVIDEO. Plaza Colonia prevails over Fénix 1-0 after M. Jourdan scored just 1 goal (47').


MONTEVIDEO. Plaza Colonia conquers Fénix 1-0 after M. Jourdan scored just 1 goal (47′). Fénix was vastly superior in terms of ball possession (62%).​

The match was played at the Parque Capurro stadium in Montevideo on Monday and it started at 3:45 pm local time. The weather was clear. The temperature was pleasant around 19 degrees Celsius or 66.22 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 37%.​

Match Statistics

Fénix was in firm control of the ball 62% while Plaza Colonia was struggling with a 38% ball possession.

Fénix was more aggressive with 92 dangerous attacks and 4 shots of which 2 were on target. Nevertheless, Plaza Colonia succeeded in find the solution to win this contest.​

Fénix shot 4 times, 2 on target, 2 off target. On the other side, Plaza Colonia shot 2 times, 1 on target, 1 off target.


No yellow cards were issued to Fénix. On the other side, Plaza Colonia received 3 yellow cards (A. Heredia, J. Ayala and A. Perez).

After playing this match, Fénix will stay with 23 points to stay in the 7th place. On the opposite side, Plaza Colonia will have 13 points like Torque to stay in the 12th place.

Match Events

  • 46'

    M. Jourdan

    S. Mederos

  • 47'

    M. Jourdan

  • 54'

    A. Amado

    G. Triunfo

  • 56'

    A. Heredia

  • 61'

    J. Ayala

  • 68'

    S. Da Silva

    C. Nunez

  • 72'

    L. Suhr

    F. Kidd

  • 78'

    R. Amaral

    D. Vega

  • 78'

    S. de Marco

    G. Viera

  • 78'

    M. Bogado

    A. Heredia

  • 82'

    E. Greising

    E. Guzman

  • 82'

    G. Alvite

    R. Quintana

  • 90'

    A. Perez

Next match

In the upcoming Primera Division match, Fénix will play away against Cerro Largo on the 11th of September with a 6-6 head to head record.

Plaza Colonia will host Nacional on the 10th of September with a 11-1 head to head in favor of Nacional (2 draws).

Fénix: Formation and Lineups

Fénix started with a 3-4-1-2 line-up (3-4-1-2).

The manager José Ignacio Pallas Martínez chose to play with the following team: Agustín Requena, Guillermo Pereira, Juan Álvez, Andrés Barboza, Ignacio Sosa, Germán Triunfo, Camilo Núñez, Agustín Alfaro, Gonzalo Vega, Gustavo Viera and Ignacio Pereira.


Fénix made 4 changes: G. Triunfo for A. Amado (54′), C. Nunez for S. Da Silva (68′), D. Vega for R. Amaral (78′) and G. Viera for S. de Marco (78′).

Plaza Colonia: Formation and Lineups

Plaza Colonia started with an extremely aggressive line-up (3-4-3).

On the other side, Alejandro Martín Capuccio Díaz played with: Nicolás Guirín, Yvo Calleros, Agustín Heredia, Jorge Nicolás Ayala, Ezequias Emanuel Redin, Santiago Mederos, José Agustin Peréz, Facundo Kidd Álvarez, Osinachi Ebere, Nathanael Guzmán and Ramiro Quintana.


Plaza Colonia made 5 changes: S. Mederos for M. Jourdan (46′), F. Kidd for L. Suhr (72′), A. Heredia for M. Bogado (78′), E. Guzman for E. Greising (82′) and R. Quintana for G. Alvite (82′).

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