Daegu 1-0 Seongnam: tops 1-0 with a goal scored by Zeca

Daegu tops Seongnam 1-0 after Zeca scored just 1 goal (19').


Daegu overcomes Seongnam 1-0 after Zeca scored just 1 goal (19′). Seongnam was vastly superior in terms of ball possession (68%).​

The match was held on Wednesday and this began at 10:30 am UTC. The referee was Dong-Sik Jeong with the assistance of Jae-Yeol Yoon and Jin-Hee Cheon. The 4th official was Jae-Hoon Ahn.

Match Statistics

Seongnam was in firm control of the ball 68% while Daegu was struggling with a 32% ball possession.

Seongnam was more aggressive with 66 dangerous attacks and 11 shots of which 2 were on target. Nevertheless, Daegu succeeded in find the solution to win this contest.​

Daegu shot 16 times, 5 on target, 11 off target. On the other side, Seongnam shot 11 times, 2 on target, 9 off target.


No yellow cards were issued to Daegu. On the other side, No yellow cards were issued to Seongnam.

After this match, Daegu will have 28 points to stay in the 11th place. On the other side, Seongnam will stay with 24 points to stay in the 12th place.

Match Events

  • 19'


  • 22'

    Lee Si-Young

    H. Kim

  • 46'

    Sim Dong-Woon

    F. Mulic

  • 46'

    Kim Min-Hyeok

    M. Raickovic

  • 46'

    Go Jae-Hyeon

    Lee Keun-Ho

  • 52'

    D. Penha

    Lee Yong-Rae

  • 80'

    K. Suzuki

    Hong Chul

  • 86'

    Yang Si-Hoo

    Kim Ji-Soo

  • 86'

    Kang Ui-Bin

    Sim Dong-Woon

  • 89'

    Jang Seong-Won

    Lee Jin-Yong

  • 89'

    Kim Woo-Seok

    Go Jae-Hyeon

Next match

In the upcoming K-League 1 match, Daegu will host Jeonbuk Motors on the 10th of September with a 20-6 head to head record in favor of Jeonbuk Motors (7 draws).

Seongnam will host Gangwon on the 10th of September with a 11-9 head to head stats in favor of Gangwon (4 draws).

Daegu: Formation and Lineups

Daegu started with an extremely aggressive line-up (3-4-3).

The manager Alexandre Torreira da Gama Lima Casado chose to play with the following team: Seung-hun Oh (6.5), Tae-uk Jeong (7.1), Jeong-un Hong (7.0), Jin-woo Jo (7.4), Jae Won Hwang (7.8), Jin-yong Lee (6.9), Yong Rae Lee (6.6), Chul Hong (6.8), Keun-ho Lee (6.2), Zeca (7.8) and Cesinha (7.1).


Daegu made 5 changes: Lee Keun-Ho for Go Jae-Hyeon (46′), Lee Yong-Rae for D. Penha (52′), Hong Chul for K. Suzuki (80′), Lee Jin-Yong for Jang Seong-Won (89′) and Go Jae-Hyeon for Kim Woo-Seok (89′).

Top player: Jae Won Hwang

The player who no doubt impressed Daegu the most was Jae Won Hwang even if he didn’t score the decisive goal.

His rating is (7.8) with 23 passes (73% accurate) and 4 key passes. He was won 5 duels out of 7. He performed 4 crosses.

Seongnam: Formation and Lineups

Seongnam started with a 3-4-1-2 line-up (3-4-1-2).

On the other side, Nam-Il Kim played with: Pil-su Choi (6.8), Sang-hoon Ma (7.3), Jo Sung Wook (6.4), Kim Ji-Soo (6.2), Kim Hun-Min (6.2), Soon-Hyung Kwon (7.3), Miloš Raičković (6.7), Su-il Park (6.4), Bon-cheol Ku (6.9), Manuel Palacios (6.4) and Fejsal Mulić (6.6).


Seongnam made 5 changes: H. Kim for Lee Si-Young (22′), F. Mulic for Sim Dong-Woon (46′), M. Raickovic for Kim Min-Hyeok (46′), Kim Ji-Soo for Yang Si-Hoo (86′) and Sim Dong-Woon for Kang Ui-Bin (86′).

Top player: Sang-hoon Ma

The player who no doubt impressed Seongnam the most was Sang-hoon Ma.

His rating is (7.3) with 56 passes (80% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 6 duels out of 11.

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