1. HNL: Istra 1961 conquers Slaven Koprivnica 3-0

KOPRIVNICA. Istra 1961 was after all too much to handle for Slaven Koprivnica.


KOPRIVNICA. Istra 1961 was in the end too much to handle for Slaven Koprivnica with the goal of V. Petkovic (10′), A. Erceg (29′) and R. Boultam (67′).

The match was played at the Gradski Stadion stadium in Koprivnica on Sunday and it started at 6:55 pm local time. The referee was Goran Pečarić with the help of Bojan Zobenica and Tomislav Keglević. The 4th official was Ante Čuljak. The weather was rainy. The temperature was pleasant around 18.4 degrees Celsius or 65.19 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 79%.​

Match Statistics

The ball possession was identical with both team possessing the ball for 50% of the time.

There wasn’t much of a difference in ball possession. Slaven Koprivnica was in possession of the ball for 50% of the time vs. Istra 1961 that controlled the ball for 50% of the time.

Slaven Koprivnica was more aggressive with 79 dangerous attacks and 5 shots of which 0 were on target. Nonetheless, Istra 1961 was capable to find the solution to win this match.​

Slaven Koprivnica shot 5 times, 0 on target, 5 off target. On the other side, Istra 1961 shot 6 times, 3 on target, 3 off target.


Slaven Koprivnica received 2 yellow cards (N. Tepsic and M. Zuljevic). On the opposite side, Istra 1961 received 3 yellow cards (F. Caseres, M. Rovis and ).

After this match, Slaven Koprivnica will stay with 14 points to stay in the 2nd place. On the other side, Istra 1961 will have 8 points to stay in the 8th place.

Match Events

  • 10'

    V. Petkovic

    R. Boultam

  • 20'

    N. Tepsic

  • 28'

    M. Zuljevic

  • 29'

    A. Erceg

  • 42'

    I. Krstanovic

    L. Bransteter

  • 43'

    M. Martinaga

    M. Zuljevic

  • 43'

    G. Christopoulos

    N. Tepsic

  • 45'

    F. Caseres

  • 68'

    M. Lisica

    F. Mlinar

  • 69'

    R. Boultam

    A. Erceg

  • 70'

    A. Manaj

    M. Fanimo

  • 70'

    M. Kocijan

    A. Crnac

  • 74'

    M. Rovis

  • 76'

    F. Antovski

    R. Boultam

  • 84'

    K. Kopljar

    A. Erceg

  • 83'

    M. Bakrar

    A. Erceg

  • 84'

    A. Erceg

Next match

In the upcoming 1. HNL match, Slaven Koprivnica will host Varaždin on the 16th of September with a 11-3 head to head record in favor of Slaven Koprivnica (9 draws).

Istra 1961 will play away against Hajduk Split on the 17th of September with a 32-10 head to head record in favor of Hajduk Split (8 draws).

Slaven Koprivnica: Formation and Lineups

Slaven Koprivnica started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

The manager Zoran Zekić chose to play with the following team: Antun Marković (6.1), Antonio Bosec (6.4), Tomislav Božić (6.6), Novak Tepšić (6.1), Talys (7.0), Robert Mudražija (6.3), Zoran Kvržić (6.3), Marko Žuljević (6.2), Matthias Fanimo (6.4), Ante Crnac (5.7) and Luka Branšteter (6.4).


Slaven Koprivnica made 5 changes: M. Zuljevic for M. Martinaga (43′), N. Tepsic for G. Christopoulos (43′), L. Bransteter for I. Krstanovic (43′), M. Fanimo for A. Manaj (70′) and A. Crnac for M. Kocijan (70′).

Top player: Talys

Probably the most impressive player in Slaven Koprivnica was Talys.

His rating is (7.0) with 27 passes (62% accurate) and 3 key passes. He was won 4 duels out of 5. He performed 12 crosses.

Istra 1961: Formation and Lineups

Istra 1961 started with a aggressive line-up (4-3-3).

On the opposite side, Gonzalo Manuel García García played with: Lovro Majkić (7.1), Advan Kadušić (7.2), Luka Bradarić (6.6), Mauro Perković (7.4), Mihael Rovis (7.4), Frano Mlinar (7.4), Oleksandr Petrusenko (6.5), Facundo Cáseres (7.1), Vinko Petković (7.7), Ante Erceg (8.3) and Reda Boultam (8.5).


Istra 1961 made 4 changes: F. Mlinar for M. Lisica (73′), R. Boultam for F. Antovski (76′), A. Erceg for K. Kopljar (84′) and M. Rovis for M. Bakrar (85′).

Top player: Reda Boultam

The player who no doubt impressed Istra 1961 the most was Reda Boultam.

His rating is (8.5) with 1 goal, 26 passes (65% accurate) and 1 key pass. He was won 4 duels out of 6.

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