Learn about ICC’s first female referee GS Lakshmi


India’s GS Laxmi has become the first female referee of the International Cricket Council (ICC) match. She can now deliver his services in international matches with immediate effect. Just last week, the ICC announced the list of match officials for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 league. GS Lakshmi along with former New Zealand captain Jeff Crowe. Lakshmi will play the referee in the match between Hong Kong and Ireland at Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi.

“It is a matter of great honor to be selected in the ICC’s international panel,” Laxmi said. Because of this, it will open up new avenues for me. I have had a long career as a cricketer and match referee in India. Hopefully, I can make good use of my experience as a player and match officer on the international circuit.

Lakshmi also expressed gratitude to all her friends and family members, including the ICC and BCCI officials, who always increased their morale. She said, “I am confident that I will live up to all expectations and perform well to the best of my ability.”

GS Lakshmi, 51, of Andhra Pradesh, is the full name of Gandikota Sarva Lakshmi. She has been an Indian cricket match referee and a former home cricket player and coach. She has been a right-handed batsman and medium-fast outswing bowler. She was raised in Jamshedpur, where her father worked.

Lakshmi started playing cricket in Tata Nagar. Her admission under sports quota took place at Jamshedpur Women’s College where he received many accolades for fast bowling. In 1989, she shifted to Hyderabad and started working in the Southern Central Railway. Then started playing from the South Central Railway cricket team. Lakshmi played cricket between 1989 and 2004 on domestic teams including Andhra women, Bihar women, Railway women, East field women, and South field women.

For the first time in 2008-2009, domestic women played the match referee in cricket. Lakshmi has played the role of match referee in one international ODI and three international T20 matches related to women’s cricket. In May this year, the International Cricket Council (ICC) named GS Lakshmi as the match referee on the international panel. Lakshmi became the first woman to be included in the panel.