Flamingos! Fun Flamingo Facts for Kids


Flamingos. (squawking) Flamingos can be found all over the world, anywhere with lots of shallow water, like lagoons, lakes, tidal flats, swamps, or sandy islands. There are six different flamingo species. Flamingos are most well-known for their bright pink feathers and funny knees, but did you know their knees don’t actually bend the wrong way? That silly-looking bend is actually their ankle, and their knees are much higher up, hidden behind feathers and close to their bodies. Flamingos are also known for those long, curvy necks and long limbs.

They’re so cute. But those long legs are also functional. They have webbed feet at the end of them. Thanks to those feet, they can basically run on the water before they take off and start flying. These pink birds live for 20 to 30 years. Flamingos are omnivores that love eating shrimp, snails, and algae. They catch all this food using their beaks like a shovel. They’ll put their head in the water and twist that shovel around until it has scooped up plenty of food. Baby flamingos are born with soft white feathers that don’t change color until they’re older.

Just like kids, they have a distinct voice that their parents recognize. Flamingos are social birds who like to live in colonies of as many as 1,000 other flamingos. This helps them protect each other from predators, as well as find more food and make bigger families. Did you know that flamingos dance? They like to get into big groups, stretch their necks out, and flap their wings while making loud squawks. Flamingos are awesome.