Match Statistics

The ball possession was identical with both team possessing the ball for 50% of the time.


Emirates shot 12 times, 7 on target, 5 off target. On the opposite side, Al Wahda shot 14 times, 7 on target, 7 off target.


Emirates received 2 yellow cards (A. Essa Juma and S. Al Kaabi). On the other side, Al Wahda received 3 yellow cards (F. Martins, F. Al Saadi and A. Alkarbi).


Emirates has accumulated 9 points and it is in the 14th place in the Uae League. Emirates won 2 matches, lost 14 times, and it draw 3 times.

Al Wahda

Al Wahda has accumulated 39 points and occupies the 3rd place in the Uae League. Al Wahda won 11 matches, lost twice, and it draw 6 times.