Top 10 Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs 2020


Hello everyone, today we turn our attention to young entrepreneurs of the future who left Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates of Warren Buffett and had a very successful year in 2020. Welcome to, the place to be the billionaire of the future.

Marah Lidey

Marah joins Shine’s co-founder and CEO Naomi Hirabayashi. Launched in 2016, Shine is a platform that reinvents the health and well-being of millennials with technology, personal care apps have been downloaded millions of times, and with an annual subscription, it’s 450 per month. Mara originally worked at as the head of mobile and messaging products but felt completely exhausted. This app focuses on managing anxiety and stress and living a satisfying life with a positive attitude. The app is described as a shared everyday conversation in your pocket, with a rating of 4.8 stars on Apple and 4.7 stars on Google Play.

Ben Pasternak

21-year-old Ben Pasternak is an Australian entrepreneur who is behind the ape and nest whipped at 14. He developed a game called Impossible Race and received millions of downloads. Then he released the next game called Impossible. Wanting to continue his career as an entrepreneur, Dial quit high school and moved to Manhattan to continue developing apps for young people to buy and sell monkey merchandise on video apps. Of like-minded teenagers. This app became number one in the US app store. It has been downloaded over 20 million times and has over 20 billion calls. Buy monkey oil in 2017 with unnecessary money that started in 2018 as a vegan, pea protein chicken nuggets. You can get these delicious fake chicken nuggets anywhere.

Nina Rauch

Nina Rauch,  you are not too young to change the world for the better. For example, Nina Rauch, who was 16 years old, introduced Pink Week to raise awareness about breast cancer after her mother by starting a charity called Pink. This diagnosis raised more than $500,000 and was named one of Barclay’s 100 Futures. The foundation of the charity was largely built by Jen Zetters, who wants to bridge the gap between old and young philanthropists. Nina is currently the Social Performance Coordinator for Lemonade, an insurance technology company based in Tel Aviv.

Mikaila Ulmer

When Macaulay Ulmer, talking about bridging the gap between older and younger philanthropists, we introduced Texas-born Macaulaye Ulmer, 15, and I and the CEO of Lemonade bin Macalia to sell lemonade on his front lawn. Started. It’s amazing grandmas recipe in 1940 when she was only 4 years old when she used honey from a local meat farm and it’s been the beginning of a vintage journey ever since when a local pizzeria asked her to serve her soup.

To save punishment, he donated 10 proceeds to a charity, received $60,000 from Diamond John as a shark tank, received $800,000 from a consortium of soccer players in 2017, and his lemonade is stocked in more than 1,500 stores. He introduced two other inspired products, including a wax soothing lip balm, including a full product, a fresh market and a cruiser, and recently published a book titled “Become a Fearless Child of Childhood and She’s Active.” Joints continue to save bees in partnership with a healthy honeycomb foundation.

Brendon Cox

Brendan Cox can remember the exact time he was addicted to entrepreneurship. He was in 7th grade and his sister made extra money by taking care of him. He started browsing the Internet, disappointed by the fact that most families wanted women and couldn’t take care of their children. How to make money. The main result of his age was selling candy at school, and the next day he told him to go to a dollar store at school that sells sleeves of 3 gums for a dollar. Currently earning $56 on the first day’s profit.

I am desperately obsessed with the world of entrepreneurship. Then I bought an Instagram account with 100,000 followers for 900 and got my money back within a week. He continued to develop phone cases. They were made in China and sent back to the camera. The Teen Help app has created a Cox image that connects young people with strange jobs, part of their income, and those who are still studying. At Scranton University

Cole Bennett

Cole started a blog called Lyric Lemonade in high school. His mother helped him choose a name and gave him his first video camera. Later, he uploaded a music video and started filming a local rape music video. Cole uploaded a live performance summary. The acclaimed interviews and donkeys expanded, and eventually Cole started working with people like the infamous Smoke Perp and Lil Pump tires. It was an obvious dream to actually put coal on the map. It has over 480 million YouTube views and worked in a very common way.

Shop Figures has its own trading line and a variety of soft drinks. In your own name. Lyrical lemonade could be a great idea for working with Macaulay Ulmer and launching a limited edition lemonade that unites two young successful business leaders together.

Timothy Armoo

If you’re looking for Timothy Armoo for inspiration, listen and consider his math success. I was a math teacher and now the CEO of armoo fanbites speaks best. His team is a highly dependent on computer scientist. Regarding the algorithm of finding talent, Timothy started his first tutoring business at age 14 and a media company that sells at age 17. His third company is actually van bites, developed with chefs Ambrose and Fasagne Mitchell.

Fan Bite helps big brands stay relevant with the millennials, and, according to Timothy, works with brands like GoPro Deutroo and Adidas along with social media to influence content. Social media is the next limit of advertising and claims that advertising has been broken for a long time. Forbes Ad Week and Business Insider were recognized as fan bytes.

Benjamin Hochheiser

Nicknamed serial entrepreneur. Benjamin Hochheiser began to understand his taste for business at the age of 10, sold children’s necklaces and bracelets at school, and his father got aboard and turned his small business into a 12-year, six-figure project. A month with more than 150,000 business sales. Ben is now the co-founder of Blade Marketing and the founder of Entrepreneurial Explosion, focusing on direct digital advertising, public relations and press release distribution. The 20-year-old is also partnering with fma, who will help with a full run with his boss, give potential contractors some important advice and change if the plan doesn’t work. Plan but don’t change your goals

Caroline and Isabel Bercaw

Caroline and Isabel called when Caroline and Isabel were 11 and 12 years old and used bath bombs to relieve muscle pain. After the rehearsal, the sisters did not like the products they were using because their backs left rings around the bathtub or did not wash their skin, so they had to take a shower after bathing. They decided to make something more sustainable and organic and mixed the recipes for hours. And after a year of experimentation so far, 200 women workers have sold sparkling food bombs and sold more than 10 million bath bombs, they have written resumes and aimed at cost, bring more than 20 million dollars a year and we have Forbes Listed on 30-30.

Moziah Bridges

Mosiah the founder and CEO of Mo’s bows. Moe’s Bows is the largest handmade bow tie company and a small start is the handmade bow tie sold by Etsy. Mosiah wanted to make it look delicate when she was 9 years old, but couldn’t find anything that suited her personality, so she started a business and started wearing a bow tie with her grandmother. Kitchen. At Southern Memphis, he published a book called Luke Moe, a guide for young people to startup success, and on his website a variety of face masks, bow ties, and pocket areas are available. Make that dream come true. So, did Alexa ever start a small business as a kid? If so, tell us about your experience with us and we’d love to hear from you in the comments now.

There’s a bonus that deserves a glorious mention because you’ve been with us to the end. Here’s Rick Alice Reinecke, who founded Lapis Aqua for 12 years for a simple and effective water-saving system through factory cleaning. In Victoria, South Africa, he runs a company that is one of the leaders in the development of aquaculture and packages for aquaculture. Manufacturing and farming using available local resources and materials, and maintaining respect and trust in local customs and traditions.