Lechia Gdańsk

Manager: S. Grabowski

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Over 2.5 Prediction: Lech Poznań vs Lechia Gdańsk Football Tips Today | 3rd March 2023

Lech Poznań and Lechia Gdańsk will play in the 23rd round of the Ekstraklasa 2022/2023 on Friday the 3rd of March at 7:30 pm GMT […]

Ekstraklasa: Lechia Gdańsk tops Zagłębie Lubin 3-0

LUBIN. Lechia Gdańsk was eventually too strong for Zagłębie Lubin with the goal of F. Paixao (19′), J. Kubicki (67′) and M. Nalepa (78′). The […]

Head to Head Zagłębie Lubin vs Lechia Gdańsk | Prediction, Odds – 24-10-2022 – Ekstraklasa

Zagłębie Lubin and Lechia Gdańsk will face off in the 14th week of the 2022/2023 Ekstraklasa on Monday the 24th of October at 8:30 pm […]

Ekstraklasa: Raków Częstochowa overcomes Lechia Gdańsk 3-0

GDAńSK. Raków Częstochowa was eventually too good for Lechia Gdańsk with the goal of P. Kun (6′), B. Nowak (21′) and M. Wdowiak (48′). Raków […]

Round 13: Lechia Gdańsk vs. Raków Częstochowa Ekstraklasa on online stream

Lechia Gdańsk vs Raków Częstochowa Prediction Lechia Gdańsk will play the next match in Ekstraklasa against Raków Częstochowa in Gdańsk. The prediction is that Raków […]

Ekstraklasa: Lechia Gdańsk and Jagiellonia Białystok draw 2-2 on Saturday

GDAńSK. Lechia Gdańsk manages to recover against Jagiellonia Białystok with a goal on the M. Gual 3′ and a goal on the J. Imaz 55′. […]

Ekstraklasa: Lechia Gdańsk draws 0-0 with Warta Poznań on Saturday

GDAńSK. Lechia Gdańsk 0-0 Warta Poznań didn’t manage to score any goal on Saturday.. The match was played at the Stadion Energa Gdańsk stadium in […]

Lechia Gdańsk vs Warta Poznań: Head to Head stats, Prediction, Statistics – 03-09-2022 – Ekstraklasa

Lechia Gdańsk and Warta Poznań are going to face in the 8th week of the 2022/2023 Ekstraklasa on Saturday the 3rd of September at 5:30 […]

Ekstraklasa: Lech Poznań prevails over Lechia Gdańsk 3-0

GDAńSK. Lech Poznań was eventually too strong for Lechia Gdańsk with the goal of N. Kvekveskiri (19′), K. Velde (42′) and M. Skoras (60′). The […]

Ekstraklasa: Miedź Legnica conquers Lechia Gdańsk 2-1

LEGNICA. Miedź Legnica beat Lechia Gdańsk to win 2-1. It was Miedź Legnica to strike first with an early goal of S. Naveda at the […]