South Korea leads, India ahead of Pakistan in terms of mobile internet speed

  • In this list, we are ranked 131st with an average speed of 10.65Mbps.
  • Number one is South Korea, with an average speed of 111Mbps.
  • America is not on the top 10 list

Internet Data Speed ​​Checking Company Ucla has released a report on ‘Speedest Global Index’ linked to mobile internet speed. According to the report, India ranks 131st in terms of mobile internet speed. South Korea ranks first in this report. A total of 145 countries were included in the report. The average speed of the mobile Internet in South Korea is 111Mbps.

Nepal is also ahead of us

According to the report, the average Internet speed in India was 10.65Mbps. It is interesting to note that even though the telecom company in the country claims to have good internet speed, in fact, we are also behind this list from Pakistan and Nepal. Sri Lanka’s average speed was 22.04Mbps and Pakistan’s average net speed was 13.08Mbps. Sri Lanka got 83rd position and Pakistan 118th on the list. Not only that, Nepal is ahead of India. Nepal is ranked 130th with 10.78Mbps speed.

Australia at number two

On the other hand, America is not in the top 10 list. It ranks 35th with an average Internet speed of 36.23Mbps. Australia is second on the list, followed by South Korea. Its average speed was 66.45Mbps. Followed by Qatar in third place and Norway in fourth, UAE in fifth.