Returning to Tarak Maheta ka Ulta Chashma Dayaben? Hints at Jethlal and Dayaben


The comedy show ‘Tarak Maheta ka Ulta Chashma’, which was aired on the sub TV at night, has made room in people’s hearts for a long time. On the other hand, for the past few days, viewers have been missing Dayaban. Viewers are sitting there hoping for his return.

Tarak Maheta ka Ulta Chashma dayaban ie Disha vakani can return after 2 years. Disha Vakani shared an old photo of the shooting of the show on Instagram 2 days ago. This post indicated that Direction would be returning to the show very soon.

Disha left the show 2 years ago after having a dispute with the Makers. By then she was married. Since then there has been no action in place of direction.

Currently, in the latest episode, Jethalal was missing kindness in Ganesh Utsav colorful program. Jethlal gave a hint that Dayaben would soon be returning to the show. On the show, Jethlal performed a song called ‘Yad Aa Rahi Hai’ under a program. So he used to miss Dayaben. This is the same atmosphere created before the show when Sonu’s entry was made.

It may be mentioned that Disha vakani married Mayur Pandya in 2015. In 2017 it became into. She has not returned to the show since. In the meantime, it was often reported that he would soon return to the show.