Pepe Frog Character Becomes the Face of Democratic Supporters in Hong Kong

  • Just look at the Pepe Frog character in the look
  • His compatriots found dead after Pepe’s use of frog in Trump’s campaign in America

Hong Kong: Anti-government protests have been going on in Hong Kong for three months. Thousands of youths are on the path to the demand for independence. There has been something special during the demonstrations since last week. A frog image appears on the walls, banners, and planks of the spectators. Pepe the Frog has become a symbol of democracy. Pepe’s soft toys have also begun to appear during the demonstrations.

This week’s show saw hundreds of spectators make a human chain, and almost everyone had Pepe’s stickers, banners, and toys. Some youths even Pepe decorated in their hats and masks.

Pepe Frog, a symbol of love and independence in Hong Kong

The 21-year-old animation student, Phoenix, said it was a symbol of hatred in America because apartheid supporters and white nationalists used it in Trump’s campaign. But in Hong Kong, it is debated as a symbol of love and freedom. Phoenix says we embraced it because we want to maintain hope even in difficult situations. Want to be happy If we stay positive we never lose courage during the demonstrations, Pepe continues to encourage us. In fact, Pepe can express a lot of things, a symbol of freedom for us. Its creator Matt Fury greeted democracy supporters and said ‘Pepe for the People is a good concept’.

Preparation of ban on masks

In Hong Kong, the government is considering using powers and banning masks to end the look.

Pepe resurfaces with Hong Kong’s independence campaign: Fury

American comic artist Matt Fury created the Pepe character in 2005. Ferry declared the character dead when Trump supporters used him in the US election campaign. In Hong Kong appearances, while supporters of independence considered it a symbol of independence, Ferry said he was alive again.