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Good Morning Photo for 2019

good morning photo
selective focus photography of water droplets on grasses
morning image - Mount Mitchell, Burnsville, United States
This picture was taken at sunrise from the summit of Mount Mitchell, the tallest peak on the east coast. A friend came with me along this journey. It was our second time visiting Mt. Mitchell, but the first time being here at sunrise. Being the middle of fall, it was exceptionally cold this particular morning. The early drive was well worth this view.

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Venray, Netherlands
The western section of Venray, the villages Vredepeel and Ysselsteyn, was reclaimed from the Peel peat bogs in the early 20th century. Parts of the peat bogs remain and have been transferred to a national park.
Long Walks Alone
A study from Stanford University in the US has shown that people are much more creative when they are walking around as opposed to when they are sitting still.
Manhattan Bridge, New York, United States
Manhattan Bridge, New York, United States: The Manhattan Bridge was the last of the three suspension bridges built across the lower East River, following the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges. In the earliest plans, the Manhattan Bridge was to have been called Bridge No. 3 because it was the third bridge to be built.