Nobel Prize in medicine for 3 scientists, including 2 Americans

  • 3 scientists made important discoveries about the relationship between cell and oxygen.
  • Nobel Prize winners will be announced in six areas by October 14.
  • This year the Swedish Academy will announce the Literary Nobel Prizes for 2018 and 2019

Stockholm: The Nobel Prize for 2019 in the Swedish capital Stockholm has been announced on Monday. The Nobel Prize for Medical this time was William G. Coughlin Jr. of America and Greg El Semenja, Sir Peter J. of Britain. Ratclick has been awarded. Tuesday will announce the winner of the Nobel Prize in a total of six fields, physical and later October 14th.

Announcing the award, the jury said that these scientists have established how oxygen levels affect our cellular metabolism and physiological functions. Scientific discoveries have cleared the way for new strategies in the fight against anemia, cancer and other diseases.

The Swedish Academy will announce the Literary Nobel Prize for both 2018 and 2019. The Academy of Literature Noble’s announcement was postponed in 2018 due to rising sexual harassment issues last year.

The facts connected with the Nobel Prize in Medicine

Between 1901 and 2018, 109 Nobel Prizes were given in the field of medicine, with 216 being awarded to these people.12 women have been awarded the Nobel in the field of medicine. Frederick G. Batting (32), the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize in medicine, received this award in 1923 for the discovery of insulin.

Peyton Raul (87), the highest Nobel Laureate, was awarded this in 1966 for his discovery of a tumor-inducing viral.

Great Thumbgrower Contender for Peace

This year, the Norwegian Nobel Committee received 301 nominations for the Peace Prize, the largest number since the first prize was awarded in 1901. This time 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is considered a strong contender for the award. He inspired a global movement to save the Climate. If he is awarded a Nobel, he will be the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize. Previously, he was recently awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize.

What is in the Nobel Prize?

The winners of the Nobel Prize are given about four and a half crore rupees each. Along with this, 200 grams of 23 grams of gold medal and a letter of appreciation are also given. On one side of the medal is a photo of Alfred Noble, the father of the Nobel Prize winner, with his date of birth and death. On the other side of the medal is a picture of the goddess Isis of Yuna, the Royal Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, and the recipient of the award.