IPL 2020 Match 55: RCB vs DC Score, Highlights, Commentary and Status


Delhi Capitals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 6 wickets: Delhi go through to the playoffs, IN THE SECOND SPOT! Yes, that means they got two shots at the cherry. This is an outstanding result for Delhi. The dugout is all smiles and are exchanging hugs. Bangalore are also going through, but they will feature in the eliminator, which means they need to go through 2 hurdles to get to the finals.

  • Winning Team

    Delhi Capitals

  • Man of the match

    Anrich Nortje

  • Won by

    6 wickets

  • Match No.

    Match 55

  • Venue

    Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

  • Series

    Indian Premier League, 2020

Royal Challengers Bangalore
Delhi Capitals
Batting R B 4s 6s S/R
Josh Philippe
c Prithvi Shaw b Kagiso Rabada
12 17 1 0 70.59
Devdutt Padikkal
b Anrich Nortje
50 41 5 0 121.95
Virat Kohli
c Marcus Stoinis b Ravichandran Ashwin
29 24 2 1 120.83
AB de Villiers
rund out (Anrich Nortje)
35 21 1 2 166.67
Chris Morris
c Rishabh Pant (W) b Anrich Nortje
0 2 0 0 0.00
Shivam Dube
c Ajinkya Rahane b Kagiso Rabada
17 11 2 1 154.55
Washington Sundar *
not out
0 1 0 0 0.00
Isuru Udana
c Shreyas Iyer (C) b Anrich Nortje
4 2 1 0 200.00
Shahbaz Ahmed *
not out
1 1 0 0 100.00
Extras 4 (W 3,B 1)
Total runs 152 (7 wkts, 20.0 ov)
Yet to bat

Mohammed Siraj – Yuzvendra Chahal
Fall of wickets

25/1 (Josh Philippe, 4.1 ov) – 82/2 (Virat Kohli, 12.3 ov) – 112/3 (Devdutt Padikkal, 15.4 ov) – 112/4 (Chris Morris, 16 ov) – 145/5 (Shivam Dube, 19 ov) – 146/6 (AB de Villiers, 19.2 ov) – 150/7 (Isuru Udana, 19.4 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ
Daniel Sams 4.0 0 40 0 10.00
Ravichandran Ashwin 4.0 0 18 1 4.50
Anrich Nortje 4.0 0 33 3 8.25
Kagiso Rabada 4.0 0 30 2 7.50
Axar Patel 4.0 0 30 0 7.50
Batting R B 4s 6s S/R
Prithvi Shaw
b Mohammed Siraj
9 6 2 0 150.00
Shikhar Dhawan
c Shivam Dube b Shahbaz Ahmed
54 41 6 0 131.71
Ajinkya Rahane
c Shivam Dube b Washington Sundar
60 46 5 1 130.43
Shreyas Iyer
c Mohammed Siraj b Shahbaz Ahmed
7 9 0 0 77.78
Rishabh Pant *
not out
8 7 1 0 114.29
Marcus Stoinis *
not out
10 5 0 1 200.00
Extras 6 (W 3,LB 3)
Total runs 154 (4 wkts, 19.0 ov)
Yet to bat

Ravichandran Ashwin – Kagiso Rabada – Anrich Nortje – Axar Patel – Daniel Sams
Fall of wickets

19/1 (Prithvi Shaw, 1.5 ov) – 107/2 (Shikhar Dhawan, 12.4 ov) – 130/3 (Shreyas Iyer, 16.2 ov) – 136/4 (Ajinkya Rahane, 17.2 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ
Chris Morris 2.0 0 19 0 9.50
Mohammed Siraj 3.0 0 29 1 9.67
Washington Sundar 4.0 0 24 1 6.00
Isuru Udana 2.0 0 24 0 12.00
Yuzvendra Chahal 4.0 0 29 0 7.25
Shahbaz Ahmed 4.0 0 26 2 6.50

Royal Challengers Bangalore (152/7)

Josh Philippe (12/17): Kagiso Rabada to Josh Philippe, OUT! TAKEN! Rabada gets the breakthrough on the very first ball. His first in the Powerplay in this edition of the tournament. A good length ball around off, Philippe looks to lift it over extra cover but the ball hits the toe end and balloons just outside the ring at cover-point. Shaw runs towards that side and takes the catch comfortably. Philippe wanted to take the best bowler of the tournament on but failed.

Devdutt Padikkal (50/41): Anrich Nortje to Devdutt Padikkal, OUT! TIMBER! 50 and out for Padikkal. A fine knock from him. Full, fast and straight from Nortje. Padikkal makes room and tries to slam it through the off side but misses. The ball thuds on the stumps behind. Padikkal had to go after the ball and in that attempt he perishes.

Virat Kohli (29/24): Ravichandran Ashwin to Virat Kohli, OUT! CAUGHT! Ashwin gets the big fish. A very good take near the fence by Stoinis. The ball was travelling there. Tossed up and on middle, Ashwin dances down the track and tries to clear the longest part of the boundary, towards deep mid-wicket. He doesn’t get the timing right. It goes towards Stoinis. He pouches the ball over his head superbly. Made it look really easy. Nortje must be a relieved man right now.

AB de Villiers (35/21): Anrich Nortje to AB de Villiers, OUT! RUN OUT! De Villiers is well short of his ground. A full toss on middle, De Villiers mistimes his slog towards long on. The call is for two. They go for it but Rahane from long on gets to the ball quickly and sends a flat throw to the keeper. Pant does the rest. The third umpire has been called for. One replay is all we need to show. ABD is short, in spite of the desparate dive.

Chris Morris (0/2): Anrich Nortje to Chris Morris, OUT! Caught behind! Nortje gets another one. Second in the over. Terrific stuff from Nortje. Back of a length ball outside off, Morris makes room and looks to slam it over the off side but gets an outside edge that goes to the keeper. A simple chance for Pant behind the wickets. End of a double-wicket over from Nortje.

Shivam Dube (17/11): Kagiso Rabada to Shivam Dube, OUT! CAUGHT! Ajinkya Rahane takes a comfortable catch. Shivam Dube admonishes himself. Good length ball on off, it was not that short to pull. But Dube goes for the pull. He gets it off the toe end of the bat and it goes straight to Ajinkya at deep mid-wicket.

Isuru Udana (4/2): Anrich Nortje to Isuru Udana, OUT! TAKEN! Nortje gets his third. Short and just around off, Udana backs away and tries to slam it over long off. He fails to get the timing right. He ends up giving a simple catch to Iyer at long off.

Washington Sundar* (0/1) and Shahbaz Ahmed* (1/1): Anrich Nortje to Shahbaz Ahmed, Just a single on the last ball. Short and wide outside off, Ahmed looks to cut but ends up chopping it on the off side. A single taken. Bangalore finish with 152/7.

Delhi Capitals (154/4)

Prithvi Shaw (9/6): Mohammed Siraj to Prithvi Shaw, OUT! TIMBER! Siraj with a beauty and Bangalore have the breakthrough. It is yet another failure for Shaw. Good length and around middle, as it gets closer to Shaw, it shapes away and squares Shaw up. He looks to defend but misses. The off pole is rocked back. Siraj is ecstatic. Shaw’s poor run continues and it might well be his last game of the season.

Shikhar Dhawan (54/41): Shahbaz Ahmed to Shikhar Dhawan, OUT! TAKEN! Shikhar Dhawan would have fancied himself to be there till the end but it was not to be. Bangalore though would be happy with this wicket. Fuller ball around off, Dhawan takes a big stride forward and looks to paddle it over short fine leg. However he ends up getting it straight into the hands of Shivam Dube there, who comes forward and holds onto it. 46 runs needed in 44 balls for Delhi.

Ajinkya Rahane (60/46): Washington Sundar to Ajinkya Rahane, OUT! TAKEN! Rahane falls. We have seen so many things in this season of the Indian T20 League. Are we in for a dramatic finish here? Flatter and around middle, Rahane tries to reverse lap it over short third man but it goes off the top edge. Dube comes a couple of steps forward to gobble it. A superb knock from Rahane ends in a timid way. 17 needed in 16 balls.

Shreyas Iyer (7/9): Shahbaz Ahmed to Shreyas Iyer, OUT! CAUGHT! Iyer is livid with himself here. He is disappointed that he could not stay there till the end. But, is there a twist in the tale though? Shahbaz tosses this around off, Iyer comes down the track and looks to power it well over long on. But he does not get his timing right. Ends up giving an easy catch to Siraj at long on.

Rishabh Pant* (8/7) and Marcus Stoinis* (10/5): Mohammed Siraj to Rishabh Pant, EDGY FOUR! But it won’t matter now! Delhi are into the playoffs. Short and outside off, Pant goes for the pull but gets a top edge. It flies over the keeper’s head and into the third man fence. Delhi win by 6 wickets.