IPL 2020 Match 52: SRH vs RCB Score, Highlights, Commentary and Status


Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 5 wickets: Hyderabad needed to perform and perform, they did! What an impressive show this has been by Warner and his boys. If they were to lose this, this could have been the end of the road for them in this year’s tournament but they have performed admirably and have won this encounter by 5 wickets and with 35 balls to spare. 

  • Winning Team

    Sunrisers Hyderabad

  • Man of the match

    Sandeep Sharma

  • Won by

    5 wickets

  • Match No.

    Match 52

  • Venue

    Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah

  • Series

    Indian Premier League, 2020

Royal Challengers Bangalore
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Batting R B 4s 6s S/R
Josh Philippe
c Manish Pandey b Rashid Khan
32 31 4 0 103.23
Devdutt Padikkal
b Sandeep Sharma
5 8 1 0 62.50
Virat Kohli
c Kane Williamson b Sandeep Sharma
7 7 0 0 100.00
AB de Villiers
c Abhishek Sharma b Shahbaz Nadeem
24 24 1 1 100.00
Washington Sundar
c T Natarajan b T Natarajan
21 18 2 0 116.67
Gurkeerat Singh Mann *
not out
15 24 1 0 62.50
Chris Morris
c David Warner (C) b Jason Holder
3 4 0 0 75.00
Isuru Udana
c Kane Williamson b Jason Holder
0 1 0 0 0.00
Mohammed Siraj *
not out
2 3 0 0 66.67
Extras 11 (W 8,B 1,LB 2)
Total runs 120 (7 wkts, 20.0 ov)
Yet to bat

Yuzvendra Chahal – Navdeep Saini
Fall of wickets

13/1 (Devdutt Padikkal, 2.5 ov) – 28/2 (Virat Kohli, 4.4 ov) – 71/3 (AB de Villiers, 11 ov) – 76/4 (Josh Philippe, 11.4 ov) – 106/5 (Washington Sundar, 17.1 ov) – 113/6 (Chris Morris, 18.2 ov) – 114/7 (Isuru Udana, 18.4 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ
Sandeep Sharma 4.0 0 20 2 5.00
Jason Holder 4.0 0 27 2 6.75
T Natarajan 4.0 0 11 1 2.75
Shahbaz Nadeem 4.0 0 35 1 8.75
Rashid Khan 4.0 0 24 1 6.00
Batting R B 4s 6s S/R
David Warner
c Isuru Udana b Washington Sundar
8 5 0 1 160.00
Wriddhiman Saha
b Yuzvendra Chahal
39 32 4 1 121.88
Manish Pandey
c Chris Morris b Yuzvendra Chahal
26 19 3 1 136.84
Kane Williamson
c Virat Kohli (C) b Isuru Udana
8 14 0 0 57.14
Abhishek Sharma
c Gurkeerat Singh Mann b Navdeep Saini
8 5 0 1 160.00
Jason Holder *
not out
26 10 1 3 260.00
Abdul Samad *
not out
0 0 0 0 0.00
Extras 6 (W 6)
Total runs 121 (5 wkts, 14.1 ov)
Yet to bat

Rashid Khan – Sandeep Sharma – T Natarajan – Shahbaz Nadeem
Fall of wickets

10/1 (David Warner, 1.2 ov) – 60/2 (Manish Pandey, 6.4 ov) – 82/3 (Wriddhiman Saha, 11 ov) – 87/4 (Kane Williamson, 12.1 ov) – 114/5 (Abhishek Sharma, 13.5 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ
Chris Morris 2.0 0 19 0 9.50
Washington Sundar 3.0 0 21 1 7.00
Navdeep Saini 2.0 0 30 1 15.00
Mohammed Siraj 1.0 0 12 0 12.00
Yuzvendra Chahal 3.1 0 19 2 6.13
Isuru Udana 3.0 0 20 1 6.67

Royal Challengers Bangalore (120/7)

Josh Philippe (32/31): Rashid Khan to Josh Philippe, OUT! CAUGHT! Another one bites the dust and Bangalore are reeling now! That is the fourth wicket of Bangalore’s batting and it is Rashid Khan who has struck. Philippe was struggling and Rashid Khan gets his uncomfortable stay out in the middle to an end. Tossed up delivery around middle, Philippe gets on his knees and looks to go big towards the mid-wicket region but he does not time this one well. Manish Pandey runs to his left and does well to take this catch. Hyderabad are all over Bangalore.

Devdutt Padikkal (5/8): Sandeep Sharma to Devdutt Padikkal, OUT! TIMBER! Sandeep strikes for Hyderabad. Padikkal fails to get going in this game for Bangalore. A length ball around middle and leg, Padikkal looks to swing it across the line but a little bit of inward movement means he fails to connect. The ball goes behind and shatters the stumps. This is not how Padikkal has played in this tournament. The in-form Bangalore batsman has been sent packing by Hyderabad.

Virat Kohli (7/7): Sandeep Sharma to Virat Kohli, OUT! TAKEN! Kohli perishes now! And this is the 7th time that Sandeep has got better of Kohli in the Indian T20 League. Full and around off, right there where Kohli likes it and he often drills these through the covers but this time he ends up driving it straight into the hands of Kane Williamson at short cover. A massive, massive wicket.

AB de Villiers (24/24): Shahbaz Nadeem to AB de Villiers, OUT! TAKEN! Nadeem has the last laugh and he is delighted. Why wouldn’t he be? He has got the massive wicket of dangerous de Villiers. Flatter and outside off, de Villiers looks to launch it over the deep point fielder but instead finds the man there. Abhishek Sharma is safe as house there.

Washington Sundar (21/18): T Natarajan to Washington Sundar, OUT! CAUGHT AND BOWLED! That’s a sharp, sharp take from Natarajan. That was hit really hard from Sundar. Change of pace from Natarajan. It is just behind the good length area. Sundar hits it straight back to the bowler. Natarajan manages to clinge onto it.

Chris Morris (3/4): Jason Holder to Chris Morris, OUT! TAKEN! Morris’ short stay comes to an end. A low full toss on middle, Morris looks to launch it over long on but fails to time it. It goes straight to the Hyderabad skipper, David Warner. He doesn’t drop many. A comfortable catch.

Isuru Udana (0/1): Jason Holder to Isuru Udana, OUT! CAUGHT! Second wicket in the over. Udana falls for a golden duck. Holder gets the second wicket. Full and outside off, Udana looks to lift it over covers but ends up slicing it just behind point. Williamson settles under it and takes the catch easily.

Gurkeerat Singh Mann* (15/24) and Mohammed Siraj* (2/3): T Natarajan to Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Just a run! Terrific last over. Just 4 off it. Full and around middle, Gurkeerat looks to reverse sweep but misses to get hit on the pad. The ball rolls towards the leg side and they take a leg bye. 11/1 in his 4 overs for Natarajan. Bangalore finish with 120/7.

Sunrisers Hyderabad (121/5)

David Warner (8/5): Washington Sundar to David Warner, OUT! CAUGHT! Sundar with a brilliant comeback after being hit for a six in his first ball! He removes the very dangerous Warner and Bangalore are ecstatic! Flatter ball around middle, Warner is rushed into the shot and he slices this one towards mid on and Udana does well to pouch this one. Just the breakthrough that Bangalore needed.

Wriddhiman Saha (39/32): Yuzvendra Chahal to Wriddhiman Saha, OUT! STUMPED! You just can’t keep this man out for long. What a beautiful delivery from Chahal. Tosses the ball up and draws the batsman forward. Saha jumps out of the crease and looks to lift it inside out but the ball breaks away and beats the outside edge. De Villiers collects the ball behind and takes the bails off. 39 needed in 54 balls.

Manish Pandey (26/19): Yuzvendra Chahal to Manish Pandey, OUT! CAUGHT! If there is one man who can turn things around for Bangalore, it is Yuzvendra Chahal and he has struck again! He gets rid of the very dangerous Manish Pandey! Very unnecessary from him to go for this shot. Floated around off, Pandey looks to slog this one down the ground but he does not time this one well. It balloons towards the long on region and Morris runs in and takes a good catch. Will this turn around Bangalore’s fortune?

Kane Williamson (8/14): Isuru Udana to Kane Williamson, OUT! CAUGHT! The change to bring on Udana has worked as he has got the big wicket of Williamson! There’s some payback in store as Kohli is the fielder who has caught this. Kane Williamson had caught Kohli’s wicket in the first innings. A slower good length delivery around off, Williamson looks to drive but does so uppishly and straight to Kohli who is stationed at covers. Game on maybe? Hyderabad need 34 in 46 balls.

Abhishek Sharma (8/5): Navdeep Saini to Abhishek Sharma, OUT! TAKEN! Abhishek falls as he tries to finish this game quickly. With the net run rate in picture, he had to go for his shots though, so can’t really fault him. A full ball just outside off, Abhishek looks to launch it over covers but the ball hits the toe end of the bat and goes high in the air. Gurkeerat settles under the ball at covers and takes it easily.

Jason Holder* (26/10) and Abdul Samad* (0/0): Yuzvendra Chahal to Jason Holder, SIX! BANG! Just the 1 ball Holder needs to finish the game. Short and around off, Holder uses the long handle and thumps it over long on for a massive six. HYDERABAD WIN BY 5 WICKETS!