IPL 2020 Match 40: SH vs RR Highlights, Commentary and Status


Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Rajasthan Royals by 8 wickets: Well, this total has been chased down in the end with some ease by Hyderabad. They started off on the back foot as they lost Warner and Bairstow in the Powerplay. But it was the Indian duo of Manish Pandey and Vijay Shankar who stitched a good partnership of 140 runs. Manish scored 83 and Vijay Shankar scored a half-century in the process and they chase it down with 11 balls remaining. This is also the first victory by Hyderabad in a game where they are chasing in this year’s tournament. This will boost their confidence going forward.

  • Winning Team

    Sunrisers Hyderabad

  • Man of the match

    Manish Pandey

  • Won by

    8 wickets

  • Match No.

    Match 40

  • Venue

    Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

  • Series

    Indian Premier League, 2020

Rajasthan Royals (154/6)

Robin Uthappa (19/13): Jason Holder to Ben Stokes, OUT! RUN OUT! This is such a cheap wicket to give away and Uthappa who was looking good so far has to walk back. He will be mighty disappointed with the manner in which he has been dismissed. Back of a length ball around middle and leg, Stokes makes some room and looks to play at this but misses and it hits his body and rolls to the off side. Uthappa runs across looking for the single and Stokes sends him back. By the time Uthappa can turn and get back into the crease, Holder has a shy at the non-striker’s end and he does not miss.

Ben Stokes (30/32): Rashid Khan to Ben Stokes, OUT! TIMBER! It is Ben Stokes who has been struggling tonight who has to depart. He has been very uncomfortable out in the middle and he is walking back now. It is Rashid Khan who has struck. Two wickets in quick succession for Hyderabad. Loopy ball around off, Stokes looks to play at that but misses and it hits his pads and goes onto disturb the stumps.

Sanju Samson (36/26): Jason Holder to Sanju Samson, OUT! BOWLED! Holder has the last laugh. Superb comeback ball from the West Indies Test skipper. He steams in and rolls his finger on this one. It is the off cutter bowled into the surface. It pitches on middle and off and spins into Samson. He makes room as he goes away from the stumps and looks to punch it through on the off side. He misses and the ball hits the top of middle and leg.

Jos Buttler (9/12): Vijay Shankar to Jos Buttler, OUT! CAUGHT! Very good catch from Nadeem. Buttler departs cheaply and Rajasthan are in a state of bother here. Smart bowling from Shankar and Warner’s gamble to give him third over works. Buttler comes down the track, Shankar sees that so he bowls it wide of off and does not give Buttler much pace to work with. Jos stretches and looks to hit it. He does so uppishly towards point. Nadeem is the man there, he dives in front to take a very good catch inches above the ground.

Steven Smith (19/15): Jason Holder to Steven Smith, OUT! CAUGHT! Straight into the hands of Manish Pandey. Very full outside off, it is in the slot but Smith cannot get under it. He looks to clear long on but ends up hitting it straight to the man there. Manish Pandey, one of the best fielders in India, is never going to miss that and he takes a dolly.

Riyan Parag (20/12): Jason Holder to Riyan Parag, OUT! CAUGHT! Fumble…fumble..fumble… TAKEN! Smart bowling from Holder. He bangs it in short outside off as he sees Parag charge down the track. The young Rajasthan batter looks to smack it over long off but it comes off the toe end of the bat. It goes high in the air and behind mid off. Warner, who is back peddling, looks to take the catch with his fingers pointing upwards. It hits his palms then pops out, he juggles again and again to take it in the third attempt all whilst falling backwards.

Rahul Tewatia* (2/3) and Jofra Archer* (16/7): T Natarajan to Jofra Archer, SIX! Archer finishes it in style! Gets his side to over 150 with that biggie! Natarajan misses his yorker and serves a full toss outside off. Archer does not hit it as well as we have seen him do this season but hits it well enough to send it over the ropes straight down the ground. RAJASTHAN FINISH WITH 154/6!

Sunrisers Hyderabad (156/2)

David Warner (4/4): Jofra Archer to David Warner, OUT! CAUGHT! Archer continues to be Warner’s arch nemesis. What a fantastic delivery! What a catch from Stokes and what captaincy from Smith! This was the battle everyone was looking for and it has lasted just 4 deliveries. Warner cannot find a way to get better of Archer. Just the start Rajasthan wanted. Nightmare for Hyderabad. Archer hits the deck hard around off, Warner looks to defend but this time gets a big, fat outside edge. Smith keeps the second slip in place. Stokes there dives to his left and takes a superb catch to send the Hyderabad skipper packing.

Jonny Bairstow (10/7): Jofra Archer to Jonny Bairstow, OUT! BOWLED! Right through the gates of bat and pad. Archer is up and running in celebrations. Archer is bowling missiles here and Hyderabad batters are struggling to negotiate with the Rajasthan speedster. Archer steams in and bowls a length ball pitching around off. It is bowled at pace and the last thing you want to see with vicious pace is an inswinger. Archer does that too with the ball. Bairstow looks to drive it with his usual tendency to leave a gap between bat and pad. The problem that has been his undoing in England’s Test side comes back to haunt him in the shortest format. The ball comes back in and goes right between his bat and pad to disturb the middle stump. Both the vital openers back in the dug out for Hyderabad and the 2016 champions are in big trouble here.

Manish Pandey* (83/47) and Vijay Shankar* (52/51): Kartik Tyagi to Vijay Shankar, FOUR! That is it! FIFTY FOR VIJAY SHANKAR! He finishes the game off by getting to his milestone and in style! Short ball on off, Shankar pulls it through mid-wicket and gets to his fifty to seal the game for the Men in Orange and Black. HYDERABAD WIN BY 8 WICKETS!