Interesting Facts About Australia


Australians have been recognized many times as the happiest people in the world. Let’s take a trip to a sunny country about 50,000 years before the British were disbanded by Aboriginal Australians in the late 18th century. With a population of 24 million and the lowest population density in the world, Australia is a sovereign state made up of the mainland of the Australian continent, the islands of Tasmania, and many smaller islands, but half of the continent’s territory is more remote than the eastern one.

The climate in this country is more favorable and here is 90% of the population. Most of them live in cities. Let’s take a look at Australia’s major cities. Sydney is one of Australia’s largest and most expensive cities, with a population of nearly 5 million and best known for its port. Opposite the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Harbor, Sydney’s economy makes up 25% of Melbourne’s economy. It is the second-largest in Australia. The world’s largest tram network in Australia with a center length of 254 km is a modern development of Federation Square.

Squares, bars and restaurants along the river Yarra 2016. The Economist magazine named Melbourne the most comfortable. Brisbane Brisbane is known for its skyscrapers, parks and universities. The city is a popular tourist destination serving as a gateway to Queensland, especially the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. The largest absolute minority are Asian Australians. Canberra is the capital of Australia after a long debate over whether Sydney or Melbourne should be the national capital. This is the Australian government today, and it is the only major city on the west coast with great views and kilometers of pristine beaches. The downside, of course, is that it sells far from other big cities on the east coast. Australia is a hot country. And its size offers a variety of landscapes, including rainforests in the northeast, mountains in the southeast, and dry deserts in the middle.

The south is hot, the north is cold, Australia, on the contrary, is cold, and the winter is a flat continent with the oldest and most fertile soils. From June to December to summer. There is also a joke that the map of Australia is upside down, so your country is on top and the rest of the world is on the bottom. The history of continental settlement has not been peaceful. The first settlers were British prisoners of war and arrived in Australia in the 1780s. From that moment on, Aboriginal Australians began. The locals were given special protection and acquired the rights of ordinary citizens only half a century ago, many of whom still live without knowing the script, English and modern technology.

If they find jobs primarily in tourism, but today Australia’s skin and eye colors are very different, more than a quarter of Australia’s population was born abroad in 2016 after the White Australia policy was abolished in 1973, and several initiatives were created. . In order to encourage and promote racial harmony through multiculturalism policies, ideas of justice and equality for all people dominate today, of course, the main language is English and other popular languages ​​are Chinese, Italian and Chinese. Greek. In Australia, there are no koalas, kangaroos, emu, platypus, and, interestingly, monkeys on the continent, but Straley is known as a country with some of the most dangerous and poisonous animals. Like a snake and a spider.

Jellyfish as well as sharks and crocodiles, fortunately, staying in the city doesn’t have to worry as most people live in the wild. Trellium Sun is a benevolent ss, so you should always use sunscreen. Australia is the driest continent on Earth and one of the highest water users in the world, so some states have certain restrictions on water use. In Tasmania, for example, you can use a bucket of water machines without using water pipes. Agriculture accounts for 3% of Australia’s gross domestic product. Abandoned land is a term for the densely populated and densely populated areas that make up Australia’s inland and remote coastal roads, where Australia is generally state-owned and Australia’s entire territorial road network is well developed.

Roads are about 1 million kilometers, of which 3,000 kilometers are highways. Australians drive on the left side of the road, and most vehicles have a right navigation for kangaroos. About 90% of animal and vehicle crashes are the most serious in Australia, but in Australia you can find trucks with grass that are 100 feet long. These highway giants are cool. Road train. Australia has its own car production. For example, Halden, a division of Chevrolet, has well-developed city traffic but does not have it. Find the subway here. Instead, take the city’s express train. Australia is the 13th largest economy in the world and the 9th highest per capita income.

Australia is a wealthy country with imports from a variety of sources including mining exports, telecommunications, banking and industrial patriotism. The most famous marketing campaigns for buying Australian products in recent decades Australians have traditionally taken a break away from most countries in the world, and such indifference to international events is understandable. Turn off until the flight time from Sydney to London is too long. Going to New York on 21 hours and 22 days, the country has a high standard of living and an average monthly salary of over $3,000, so most don’t think about jobs. Druthers spend time outdoors or surf with their families.

You will meet people who are more interested in surfing and drinking beer than to become a millionaire or make the world a better place in Australia. They have a skilled immigration program. Many people come here to study and stay here to work. The cost of watching a movie is about $20, an average of $60 for a dinner for two at a restaurant, and $1 for a McDonald’s merger. Tickets to Sydney’s famous Opera House can cost $300 or more. Made of thin plastic, the bills are very sturdy. Leah has one of the most expensive fabrics. Sydney is the second most affordable. Housing in the world Australia is also known for its large housing, although it is the largest in the world, the average new housing area is 214 square meters or 89 square meters.

people Australia attracts tourists with its numerous national parks and around 10,000 beaches with white silk sand and great food. With a variety of restaurant food from all countries around the world Australia is a haven for food lovers. Lamb-Managed Vegemite, Australia’s national dish, is a dark black food spread in Australia. Made with residual extracts from Brewers East with a variety of vegetable and spice flavors, and of course the world-famous beer is the pride of every Australian menu, fresh seafood and exotic fruits, and yes, kangaroo meat, but it is used as food. Australians don’t care much about kangaroo meat, so about 70% of their production is exported. Australia has a great coffee culture and is often referred to as one of the most developed and vibrant places in the world, where the coffee industry has grown. Not through coffee chains, but through independent cafes that emerged as a result of immigration from Greece and Italy in the early 20th century.

Restaurants generally offer 5-10% tips. Otherwise, no one will chase you. Australia is a very lovely country for gyms, running, yoga and surfing. Cycling is very popular and most people try to stay in shape. It has an average lifespan of about 83 years, making it one of the highest in the world. Popular cricket, soccer and tennis are also national sports. Swimming and surfing all over the world have long regarded Australia as their second home and visits Australia as soon as they finish there. Forever love what you think of Australia.