India strategically strengthened against China in Doklam, making this strategy


The strategically important Doklam base for the Indian military is located near Sikkim on the disputed Doklam Triangle coast. When the dispute with China arose, it took seven hours for the Indian army to reach it, but now that it is ready as an alternative route, the Indian army can reach the base in just 40 minutes.

The Indian Army has been strategically positioned well against China, with the All-Weather Road ready for all sorts of weather, starting from Tarkol and continuing to the base. This new alternative route is capable of withstanding any amount of weight. In 2017, when it was time for the Indian Army to step down against the People’s Liberation Army of China, it took seven hours to cross the mines and cross the base.

According to the Border Roads Organization (BRO), the road has been harvested on a war footing. This will protect the country in the event of an attack. Road construction was approved in 2015, just before the dispute with China began. In addition, by the year 2020, the alternative route will be ready to become the Flag Hill Doklam Axis.

According to the BRO, the alternate route being prepared on the Flag Hill-Madhubala-Doklam route passes through an area of ​​3601 m to 4200 m elevation. 10 km of this road The portion is ready and the remaining 20 km The road will be ready in a year. On June 18, 2017, 270 Armed Forces of the Indian Army arrived at Doklam to stop road preparation for the Jaffrey Ridgeline to China.