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Randers vs Viborg Timeline

The Teams Randers vs Viborg timeline has played 21 Games up to today. Among them, Randers won 10 games ( 6 at home, 4 at away), Viborg won 7 ( 5 at home, 2 at away), and Randers draw 4 (0 at home, 4 at away).

Randers has scored 1.38 goals on average in each game. On the other side, Viborg has scored 1.33 goals on average in each game.

H2H Record

Randers 10
Viborg 7
Draw 4
Total 21

Randers vs Viborg Head to head Statistics

Home team
Head to head
Away team

Randers vs Viborg Predicted Lineups

Randers Randers
Viborg Viborg

Top Players

See how Randers and Viborg measure up against each other by comparing their top rated lineups! Get all the information you need in this helpful chart.

7.7Wessel Dammers
7.6Stephen Odey
7.3Daniel Høegh
8.5Anosike Ementa
7.6Nico Mantl
7.4Daniel Anyembe
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Head to head Timeline

Match info

City Randers
Address Viborgvej 92a
Capacity 12000

About the Randers vs Viborg Timeline

Randers is going head to head with Viborg starting on 28 Jul 2024 at 12:00 UTC at Cepheus Park Randers, Randers, Denmark. The match is a part of the Superliga.

In the Denmark Superliga, the two teams played a total of 21 games before, of which Randers won 10, Viborg won 7 and the two teams draw 4.

You have arrived at the page where you may compare the teams Randers versus Viborg timeline before the game begins. Statistics for both teams can be easily compared here.

Under/Over Statistics, Predictions
So far, the combined matches of Randers and Viborg have ended 11 times with 2 goals or less and 10 times with more than 2 goals.

When performing at home, Randers took part to 7 matches that finished with 2 goals or less (UNDER 2.5 - 63.6%) and 4 matches that ended with more than 2 goals (OVER 2.5 - 36.4%).

When playing away from home, Viborg participated in 4 matches that ended with both teams scoring 2 goals or less in total (UNDER 2.5 - 40.0%) and 6 matches that finished with more than 2 goals (OVER 2.5 - 60.0%).


Who is better Randers vs Viborg FC?

Last 21 matches, Randers scored a total of 29 goals and won 10 games (48%) and Viborg scored a total of 28 goals and won 7 games (33%). 19% was draw.

Randers vs Viborg kick off time?

Randers vs Viborg is scheduled for a 12.00pm GMT kick-off on Sunday July 28, 2024.

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