Khimik Dzerzhinsk vs Murom Timeline

The Teams Khimik Dzerzhinsk vs Murom timeline has played 1 Games up to today. Among them, Khimik Dzerzhinsk won 0 games ( 0 at home, 0 at away), Murom won 1 ( 1 at home, 0 at away), and Khimik Dzerzhinsk drew 0 (0 at home, 0 at away).

Khimik Dzerzhinsk has scored 1 goals on average in each game. On the other side, Murom has scored 2 goals on average in each game.

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Khimik Dzerzhinsk0

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About the Khimik Dzerzhinsk vs Murom Timeline

In the Russia Russian Cup, the two teams played a total of 1 games before, of which Khimik Dzerzhinsk won 0, Murom won 1 and the two teams drew 0.

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Under/Over Statistics, Predictions
So far, the combined matches of Khimik Dzerzhinsk and Murom have ended once with more than 2 goals. They never got into a game that ended with 2 goals or less.

When playing at home, Khimik Dzerzhinsk competed in 1 match that finished with both teams scoring more than 2 goals in total (OVER 2.5 - 100.0%).

Who is better Khimik Dzerzhinsk or Murom?

Last 1 matches, Khimik Dzerzhinsk scored a total of 1 goals and won 0 games (0%) and Murom scored a total of 2 goals and won 1 games (100%).

This page contains information about a team's detailed from 2005.

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