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Peterborough United U21 Most Expensive Transfers

Peterborough United U21's most expensive signings and sales of last 2 year.

Peterborough United U21 Top 10 most expensive signings

Peterborough United U21 Top 10 most expensive sales

Peterborough United U21 performance

Peterborough United U21 is currently 8th in the Professional Development League with 29 points.

In the last 22 games, it has won 7 times, drawn 4 times, and lost 11 times. In its last match, Peterborough United U21 drawn 2-2 against Charlton Athletic U21.​​

It has a negative goal difference after scoring 48 goals and conceding 73.

When does the January transfer window open and close?

These are the important dates for your football transfer calendars:

January 1, 2024: English Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 transfer windows open.

January 2, 2024: La Liga and Serie A transfer windows open.

January 31, 2024: Transfer window closes for Premier League and Bundesliga.

February 1, 2024: Transfer window closes for La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1.

About the Football Transfers

As of my last update, football transfers typically occur during specific transfer windows. In most European leagues, there are two main transfer windows each year:

  1. Summer Transfer Window: Generally opens in June or July and closes in August or early September, depending on the league.
  2. Winter Transfer Window: Opens in January and closes at the end of the month.

During these periods, clubs can buy and sell players to strengthen their squads. Transfer rumors and negotiations often precede official announcements, and the finalization of deals is subject to medical examinations and contractual agreements.