V-League: P. Pinto scores 2 goals to give a 2-0 win to FLC Thanh Hoa over Song Lam Nghe An

THANH HóA. FLC Thanh Hoa 2-0 Song Lam Nghe An: conquers 2-0 after P. Pinto scores a double.


THANH HóA. FLC Thanh Hoa 2-0 Song Lam Nghe An: prevails over 2-0 after P. Pinto scores 2 goals.

The match was played at the Sân vận động Thanh Hóa stadium in Thanh Hóa on Saturday and it started at 5:00 pm local time. The referee was Trung Kiên Nguyễn with the assistance of Huy Hoàng Phan and Mạnh Lân Trần. The 4th official was Phúc Hoan Vũ. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was hot around 27.5 degrees Celsius or 81.52 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 82%.​

Match Statistics

The ball possession was identical with both team possessing the ball for 50% of the time.

There wasn’t much of a difference in ball possession. FLC Thanh Hoa was in possession of the ball for 0% of the time vs. Song Lam Nghe An that controlled the ball for 0% of the time.

Song Lam Nghe An was more aggressive with 95 dangerous attacks and 3 shots of which 2 were on target. Even so, FLC Thanh Hoa found a way to find the solution to win this match.​

FLC Thanh Hoa shot 5 times, 2 on target, 3 off target. On the other side, Song Lam Nghe An shot 3 times, 2 on target, 1 off target.


FLC Thanh Hoa received 1 yellow card (V. L. Trinh). On the other side, Song Lam Nghe An received 1 yellow card (S. H. Mai).

After this encounter, FLC Thanh Hoa will have 15 points to stay in the 9th place. On the opposite side, Song Lam Nghe An will stay with 21 points to stay in the 5th place.

Match Events

  • 27'

    Mai Sỹ Hoàng

  • 35'

    P. Pinto

  • 46'

    Tran Buu Ngoc

    Nguyen Thanh Diep

  • 46'

    Hồ Văn Cường

    Trần Đình Hoàng

  • 46'

    G. Oseni

    Trần Đình Tiến

  • 59'

    Đinh Xuân Tiến

    Mario Arqués

  • 62'

    Nguyen Trong Hung

    Le Quoc Phuong

  • 73'

    Đàm Tiến Dũng

    Vũ Xuân Cường

  • 79'

    Trần Nam Hải

    Mai Sỹ Hoàng

  • 81'

    Trịnh Văn Lợi

  • 85'

    P. Pinto

  • 87'

    A Mít

    Gustavo II

Next match

In the next match in the Song Lam Nghe An will host Da Nang on the 13th of September with a 14-8 head to head in favor of Song Lam Nghe An (10 draws).

FLC Thanh Hoa: Formation and Lineups

The manager Ljubomir Petrović chose to play with the following team: Nguyễn Thanh Diệp, Nguyễn Minh Tùng, Trịnh Văn Lợi, Gustavo I, Lê Quốc Phương, Vũ Xuân Cường, Zé Paulo, Doãn Ngọc Tân, Lê Phạm Thành Long, Lê Văn Thắng and Gustavo II.


FLC Thanh Hoa made 3 changes: Nguyen Thanh Diep for Tran Buu Ngoc (46′), Le Quoc Phuong for Nguyen Trong Hung (62′) and Vu Xuan Cuong for T. D. Dam (73′).

Song Lam Nghe An: Formation and Lineups

On the opposite side, Huy Hoàng Nguy?n played with: Nguyễn Văn Hoàng, Quế Ngọc Hải, Trần Đình Hoàng, Phạm Thế Nhật, Hoàng Văn Khánh, Phạm Xuân Mạnh, Mario Arqués, Phan Văn Đức, Mai Sỹ Hoàng, M. Olaha and Trần Đình Tiến.


Song Lam Nghe An made 4 changes: Tran Dinh Tien for G. Oseni (46′), Tran Dinh Hoang for V. C. Ho (46′), M. Arques for X. T. Dinh (59′) and S. H. Mai for N. H. Tran (79′).

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