Superliga: OB prevails over Nordsjælland 2-0 on Sunday

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ODENSE. OB tops Nordsjælland with a 2-0 win with a goal from I. Jebali (20') and a goal from M. Fenger (90').

ODENSE. OB overcomes Nordsjælland with a 2-0 win with a goal from I. Jebali (20′) and a goal from M. Fenger (90′). Nordsjælland lost this match even if it was superior in terms of ball possession (57%).

The match was held at the Nature Energy Park Stadium in Odense on Sunday and this began at 1:00 pm local time. The referee was Michael Tykgaard with the help of Henrik Sønderby and Sune Feddersen. The 4th official was Jens Maae. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was quite cold around 3.9 degrees Celsius or 39.07 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 82%.​

Match Statistics

Nordsjælland was in firm control of the ball 57% while OB was struggling with a 43% ball possession.

Nordsjælland was more aggressive with 62 dangerous attacks and 12 shots of which 4 were on target. Even so, OB managed to find the solution to win this contest.​

OB shot 21 times, 6 on target, 15 off target. On the other side, Nordsjælland shot 12 times, 4 on target, 8 off target.


OB received 1 yellow card (E. Sabbi). On the opposite side, Nordsjælland received 2 yellow cards (D. Svensson and S. Adingra).

After this contest, OB will have 16 points like Nordsjælland to stay in the 9th place. On the other side, Nordsjælland will stay with 16 points like OB to stay in the 10th place.

Match Events

  • 20'

    I. Jebali

  • 29'

    D. Svensson

  • 35'

    E. Sabbi

  • 46'

    J. Jensen-Abbew

    M. Thychosen

  • 56'

    L. Coulibaly

    K. Hansen

  • 57'

    S. Adingra

  • 68'

    L. Walta

    M. K. Andersen

  • 70'

    T. Klove

    E. Sabbi

  • 70'

    M. Fenger

    B. Kadrii

  • 81'

    M. Opondo

    M. Frokjaer

  • 81'

    R. D. Ostrom

    N. Mickelson

  • 81'

    A. Francis

    A. Schjelderup

  • 82'

    M. Frese

    D. Svensson

  • 90'

    M. Fenger

  • 90'

    J. Breum

    I. Jebali

Next match

OB: Formation and Lineups

OB started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

The manager Andreas Alm chose to play with the following team: Hans Christian Bernat (7.5), Nicholas Mickelson (6.8), Kasper Larsen (7.3), Alexander Juel Andersen (7.6), Jørgen Skjelvik (6.5), Aron Elis Thrándarson (7.7), Jens Jakob Thomasen (7.4), Emmanuel Sabbi (7.3), Mads Frøkjær-Jensen (7.3), Issam Jebali (8.5) and Bashkim Kadrii (6.6).


OB made 5 changes: E. Sabbi for T. Klove (70′), B. Kadrii for M. Fenger (70′), M. Frokjaer for M. Opondo (81′), N. Mickelson for R. D. Ostrom (81′) and I. Jebali for J. Breum (90′).

Top player: Issam Jebali

Probably the most impressive player in OB was Issam Jebali.

His rating is (8.5) with 1 goal, 38 passes (81% accurate) and 1 key pass. He was won 10 duels out of 14. He performed 1 cross.

Nordsjælland: Formation and Lineups

Nordsjælland started with a 3-5-2 line-up (3-5-2).

On the opposite side, Flemming Pedersen played with: Emmanuel Ogura (7.2), Mads Thychosen (6.2), Kian Hansen (6.3), Adamo Nagalo (7.3), Oliver Marc Rose-Villadsen (6.9), Magnus Kofod Andersen (6.7), Andreas Schjelderup (6.4), Jacob Christensen (7.4), Daniel Svensson (7.0), Simon Adingra (6.8) and Oliver Antman (6.6).


Nordsjælland made 5 changes: M. Thychosen for J. Jensen-Abbew (46′), K. Hansen for L. Coulibaly (56′), M. K. Andersen for L. Walta (68′), A. Schjelderup for A. Francis (81′) and D. Svensson for M. Frese (82′).

Top player: Jacob Christensen

Probably the most impressive player in Nordsjælland was Jacob Christensen.

His rating is (7.4) with 70 passes (84% accurate) and 1 key pass. He was won 3 duels out of 7.

Results of the day

These are the results of the day in the Superliga



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