Super League: Basel overcomes Luzern 3-1

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LUZERN. Basel beats Luzern 3-1.

LUZERN. Basel tops Luzern 3-1. Basel was just to good to grab a decisive 3-0 lead with Arthur (3′), R. Petretta (49′) and M. Palacios (58′). Luzern reduced the distance with a goal (90′ + 1′) by N. Cumic, but there was not much to do for them.

The match was held at the swissporarena Stadium in Luzern on Sunday and this began at 3:30 pm local time. The referee was Sandro Schärer who had the assistance of Bekim Zogaj and Mirco Bürgi. The 4th official was Mirel Turkes. The weather was snow. The temperature was quite cold around 0.8 degrees Celsius or 33.46 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 95%.​

Match Statistics

The ball possession was identical with both team possessing the ball for 50% of the time.

There wasn’t much of a difference in ball possession. Luzern was in possession of the ball for 50% of the time vs. Basel that controlled the ball for 50% of the time.

Luzern was more aggressive with 88 dangerous attacks and 15 shots of which 7 were on target. Nevertheless, Basel succeeded in find the solution to win this contest.​

Luzern shot 15 times, 7 on target, 8 off target. On the other side, Basel shot 13 times, 7 on target, 6 off target.


Luzern received 2 yellow cards (D. Domgjoni and P. Schurpf). On the opposite side, Basel received 3 yellow cards (J. Quintilla, A. Pelmard and S. Lopez).

After this match, Luzern will stay with 10 points to stay in the 10th place. On the opposite side, Basel will have 26 points like Lugano to stay in the 2nd place.

Match Events

  • 3'


  • 35'

    J. Quintilla

  • 36'

    A. Pelmard

  • 46'

    L. Millar

    D. Males

  • 47'

    D. Domgjoni

  • 49'

    R. Petretta

  • 54'

    S. Lopez

  • 58'

    M. Palacios

  • 58'

    D. Ndoye

    E. Zhegrova

  • 59'

    P. Kasami

    J. Quintilla

  • 61'

    T. Ndenge

    J. Wehrmann

  • 66'

    N. Cumic

    D. Sorgic

  • 77'

    W. Burger

    T. Xhaka

  • 78'

    P. Schurpf

  • 81'

    N. Rupp

    F. Ugrinic

  • 81'

    Y. Alounga

    V. Tasar

  • 86'

    J. Fernandes

    M. Palacios

  • 90'

    N. Cumic

    D. Domgjoni

Next match

In the upcoming Super League match, Luzern will play away against Zürich on the 4th of December with a 22-19 head to head statistic in favor of Luzern (15 draws).

Basel will host Lausanne Sport on the 5th of December with a 19-1 head to head statistic in favor of Basel (5 draws).

Luzern: Formation and Lineups

Luzern adopted the 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

The manager Sandro Chieffo chose to play with the following team: Marius Müller (6.3), Patrick Farkas (6.8), Marco Burch (6.4), David Domgjoni (6.1), Martin Frýdek (6.1), Christian Gentner (7.8), Jordy Wehrmann (6.3), Varol Tasar (6.7), Filip Ugrinic (6.5), Pascal Schürpf (6.8) and Dejan Sorgic (6.1).


Luzern made 4 changes: J. Wehrmann for T. Ndenge (61′), D. Sorgic for N. Cumic (66′), F. Ugrinic for N. Rupp (81′) and V. Tasar for Y. Alounga (81′).

Top player: Christian Gentner

The player who no doubt impressed Luzern the most was Christian Gentner.

His rating is (7.8) with 60 passes (76% accurate) and 3 key passes. He was won 9 duels out of 16. He performed 1 cross.

Basel: Formation and Lineups

Also Basel adopted the 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

On the other side, Patrick Rahmen played with: Heinz Lindner (7.2), Sergio López (6.1), Fabian Frei (7.8), Andy Pelmard (7.3), Raoul Petretta (7.8), Jordi Quintillà (6.8), Taulant Xhaka (6.4), Edon Zhegrova (7.9), Matías Palacios (7.9), Darian Males (6.2) and Arthur Cabral (7.5).


Basel made 5 changes: D. Males for L. Millar (46′), E. Zhegrova for D. Ndoye (58′), J. Quintilla for P. Kasami (59′), T. Xhaka for W. Burger (77′) and M. Palacios for J. Fernandes (86′).

Top player: Matías Palacios

The player who no doubt impressed Basel the most was Matías Palacios.

His rating is (7.9) with 1 goal, 37 passes (83% accurate) and 1 key pass. He was won 5 duels out of 8.

Results of the day

These are the results of the day in the Super League



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