SC Cambuur vs Excelsior: Head to Head stats, Prediction, Statistics – 06-08-2022 – Eredivisie

Head to head, Prediction and statistics for SC Cambuur vs Excelsior. They will play at Cambuurstadion in Leeuwarden on 6th August.

SC Cambuur vs Excelsior: Head to Head stats, Prediction, Statistics - 06-08-2022 - Eredivisie

SC Cambuur and Excelsior will face off in the 1st week of the 2022/2023 Eredivisie on Saturday the 6th of August at 6:45 pm at Cambuurstadion.

SC Cambuur vs Excelsior PREDICTION

52.63% 27.4% 27.4%

The prediction is that SC Cambuur will prevail. Following our analysis, there are 52.63% chances that SC Cambuur prevails. There is a 27.4% chance of a draw.

SC Cambuur vs Excelsior H2H

SC Cambuur vs Excelsior Referee: Edwin van de Graaf

Referee: E. van de Graaf
1 X 2
0% 100% 0%

The referee to officiate this match will be Edwin van de Graaf. This season, who has already officiated 1 match in Eredivisie​.This season, he has never officiated a match for any of the 2 teams.

SC Cambuur: Performance

SC Cambuur has 0 points to occupy the 15th place in the Eredivisie. SC Cambuur won 0 matches, it has never lost to date, and it never draw until now.


Last season, SC Cambuur has scored a total of 53 goals. It tends to to score later in the match. 21 goals were scored during the first half (39.62%), 32 goals in the second (60.38%). SC Cambuur has a negative goal difference (-17) after scoring 53 goals and receiving 70 goals.

The top scorer is R.Uldriķis who has scored 7 goals in 21 matches. He scored nothing on the penalty.

Excelsior: Performance

Excelsior has accumulated 0 points and is in the 3rd position in the Eredivisie. Excelsior won 0 matches, it has never lost thus far, and it never draw so far.


Last season, Excelsior has scored a total of 0 goals.

SC Cambuur vs Excelsior Live watch: Broadcasters

The match will be shown on 1xBet,,, bet365, Bilyoner, Chance, ESPN (Ned),, Tipsport, Tipsport SK, Winlinebet and Wplay.

SC Cambuur vs Excelsior H2H matches

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