Pro League: Al Batin tops Al Hazm after recovering from a 2-1 deficit

HA'IL. Al Batin succeeded in turn the table against Al Hazm.


HA’IL. Al Batin managed to turn the table against Al Hazm. Al Batin was vastly superior ball possession (64%) was among the key factors of its victory.​

Abdulrahman Al-Dakheel received a red card (4′)​. This red card was one of the reason why Al Hazm lost the match.

Fábio Abreu missed a penalty (60′) for Al Batin.​

The match was held at the Ar-Rass Stadium Stadium in Ha’il on Friday and this began at 4:25 pm UTC. The referee was Mohammed Al Qarni with the assistance of Abdulrahim Habeeb Alshammari and Abdulaziz Ibrahim Al-Burayh. The 4th official was Abdullah Al Awedan. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was hot around 26.9 degrees Celsius or 80.37 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 16%.​

Match Statistics

Al Batin was in firm control of the ball 64% while Al Hazm was struggling with a 36% ball possession.

Al Batin was more aggressive with 43 dangerous attacks and 17 shots of which 9 were on target. Which is one of the reasons Al Batin won the encounter.​

Al Hazm shot 10 times, 5 on target, 5 off target. On the opposite side, Al Batin shot 17 times, 9 on target, 8 off target.


Al Hazm received 1 yellow card (Neris). On the opposite side, Al Batin received 4 yellow cards (Zakaria Al-Sudani, Renato Chávez, Fábio Abreu and Maurício Antônio).

(Al Hazm) was sent out after receiving a red card in the (4′).

After this match, Al Hazm will stay with 17 points to stay in the 16th place. On the opposite side, Al Batin will have 26 points to stay in the 15th place.

Match Events

  • 4'

    Abdulrahman Al-Dakheel

  • 18'

    Zakaria Al-Sudani

  • 34'

    Renato Chávez

  • 48'

    O. John

    Thaar Al-Otaibi

  • 60'

    Fábio Abreu

  • 61'


  • 62'

    Fábio Abreu

  • 63'

    Saqr Al-Enazi

    Mohammed Naji

  • 65'

    Fábio Abreu

    Abdulaziz Al-Aryani

  • 79'

    Yousef Fawaz

    Mohammed Bassam Al Hurayji

  • 80'

    N. Zerhouni

    Ahmed Al-Najei

  • 82'

    Khaled Al-Barakah

    Abdulelah Al Shammry

  • 87'

    Yousef Fawaz

  • 88'

    Saud Zidan

    O. John

  • 90'

    Yousef Fawaz

    Zakaria Al-Sudani

  • 90'

    Abdulaziz Al-Alawi

    Saqr Al-Enazi

  • 90'

    Maurício Antônio

Next match

In the upcoming Pro League match, Al Hazm will host Al Nassr on the 18th of June with a 12-3 head to head in favor of Al Nassr (3 draws).

Al Batin will host Dhamk on the 18th of June with a 2-1 head to head in favor of Dhamk (1 draw).

Al Hazm: Formation and Lineups

Al Hazm started with a aggressive line-up (4-3-3).

The manager Roel Coumans chose to play with the following team: Ibrahim Zaid, Neris, Sultan Faqihi, Abdulrahman Al-Dakheel, Fahad Al-Obaid, L. Stojanović, Ahmed Al-Najei, N. Zerhouni, Thaar Al-Otaibi, O. John and Abdulelah Al Shammry.


Al Hazm made only 1 change substituting Abdulelah Al Shammry for Khaled Al-Barakah (82′)​.

Al Batin: Formation and Lineups

Al Batin started with a mid-fielder-oriented line-up (4-1-4-1).

On the opposite side, Alen Horvat played with: M. Campaña, Renato Chávez, Maurício Antônio, Mohammed Naji, Mohammed Al Qarni, Zakaria Al-Sudani, Hussain Al Eisa, Mohammed Bassam Al Hurayji, M. Rayhi, Fábio Abreu and Abdulaziz Al-Aryani.


Al Batin made 2 changes: Mohammed Naji for Saqr Al-Enazi (63′) and Mohammed Bassam Al Hurayji for Yousef Fawaz (79′).

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