Primera Division: Fénix draws 0-0 with Defensor Sporting on Tuesday

MONTEVIDEO. Fénix 0-0 Defensor Sporting played out a goalless draw.


MONTEVIDEO. Fénix 0-0 Defensor Sporting didn’t manage to score any goal on Tuesday. Fénix was far superior when it came to possession ball (63%)​.

The match was played at the Parque Capurro stadium in Montevideo on Tuesday and it started at 4:00 pm local time. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was cold around 12 degrees Celsius or 53.55 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 71%.​

Match Statistics

Fénix was in firm control of the ball 63% while Defensor Sporting was struggling with a 37% ball possession.

Fénix was more aggressive with 84 dangerous attacks and 10 shots of which 1 were on target. However, this did not suffice for Fénix to win the match​.

Fénix shot 10 times, 1 on target, 9 off target. On the opposite side, Defensor Sporting shot 2 times, 0 on target, 2 off target.


Fénix received 4 yellow cards (B. Scorza, R. Fernandez, G. Triunfo and ). On the opposite side, Defensor Sporting received 3 yellow cards (A. Matturro Romero, G. Freitas and R. Rabino).

Also, Defensor Sporting didn’t manage to end the match with 11 players after A. Ferrari (Defensor Sporting) was sent out after receiving a straight red card in the (27′).

After this match, Fénix will have 23 points to stay in the 7th place. On the opposite side, Defensor Sporting will have 20 points to stay in the 10th place.

Match Events

  • 17'

    A. Matturro Romero

  • 18'

    B. Scorza Perdomo (Goal Disallowed)

  • 27'

    A. Ferrari

  • 40'

    B. Scorza

  • 44'

    R. Fernandez

  • 45'

    F. Elizari

  • 45'

    G. Freitas

  • 46'

    C. Nunez

    R. Fernandez

  • 46'

    R. Amaral

    B. Scorza

  • 46'

    F. Barrios

    F. Elizari

  • 65'

    A. Ocampo

    A. Duarte

  • 67'

    M. Nichele

    D. Vega

  • 71'

    G. Triunfo

  • 76'

    A. Amado

    G. Triunfo

  • 83'

    R. Rabino

Next match

In the upcoming Primera Division match, Fénix will play away with Albion on the 26th of September with a 1-1 head to head record.

Defensor Sporting will play away with Cerrito on the 25th of September with a 6-2 head to head in favor of Defensor Sporting (2 draws).

Fénix: Formation and Lineups

Fénix started with a 3-4-1-2 line-up (3-4-1-2).

The manager José Ignacio Pallas Martínez chose to play with the following team: Agustín Requena, Juan Álvez, Andrés Barboza, Guillermo Pereira, Germán Triunfo, Roberto Fernández, Ignacio Sosa, Agustín Alfaro, Gonzalo Vega, Ignacio Pereira and Bruno Scorza.


Fénix made 4 changes: R. Fernandez for C. Nunez (46′), B. Scorza for R. Amaral (46′), D. Vega for M. Nichele (67′) and G. Triunfo for A. Amado (76′).

Defensor Sporting: Formation and Lineups

Defensor Sporting started with a christmas tree line-up (4-3-2-1).

On the other side, Marcelo Fabián Méndez Russo played with: Nicolás Rossi, Agustin Sant’Anna, Facundo Mallo, Alan Matturro, Renzo Rabino, Lucas Paul De los Santos, Gonzalo Freitas, Fernando Elizari, Adrián Balboa, Anderson Duarte and Andrés Ferrari.


Defensor Sporting made 2 changes: F. Elizari for G. Barrios (46′) and A. Duarte for A. Ocampo (65′).

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