Osijek 1-0 Gorica: conquers 1-0 with a goal scored by S. Grzan

VELIKA GORICA. Osijek beats Gorica 1-0 after S. Grzan scored just 1 goal (19').


VELIKA GORICA. Osijek defeats Gorica 1-0 after S. Grzan scored just 1 goal (19′).

M. Raspopovic received a red card (90′)​. This red card was one of the reason why Gorica lost the match.

The match was played at the ŠRC Velika Gorica stadium in Velika Gorica on Saturday and it started at 4:55 pm local time. The referee was Duje Strukan with the help of Alen Jakšić and Vice Vidović. The 4th official was Ante Terzić. The weather was rainy. The temperature was cold around 10.2 degrees Celsius or 50.41 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 89%.​

Match Statistics

Gorica was in firm control of the ball 55% while Osijek was struggling with a 45% ball possession.

Gorica was more aggressive with 79 dangerous attacks and 11 shots of which 3 were on target. Nonetheless, Osijek was able to find the solution to win this match.​

Gorica shot 11 times, 3 on target, 8 off target. On the other side, Osijek shot 6 times, 4 on target, 2 off target.


Gorica received 5 yellow cards (J. Suk, M. Steenvoorden, P. Golubickas, A. Jovicic and I. Banic). On the other side, Osijek received 3 yellow cards (Barri, R. Mierez and D. Loncar).

(Gorica) was sent out after receiving a red card in the (90′).

After this encounter, Gorica will stay with 5 points like Rijeka to stay in the 9th place. On the other side, Osijek will have 12 points to stay in the 5th place.

Match Events

  • 19'

    S. Grzan

  • 26'


  • 46'

    M. Raspopovic

    M. Wague

  • 56'

    J. Mitrovic

    M. Ndockyt

  • 57'

    J. Suk

  • 65'

    V. Jugovic

    D. Drena Beljo

  • 65'

    L. Kleinheisler


  • 66'

    R. Mierez

  • 68'

    P. Golubickas

    J. Prsir

  • 68'

    M. Vojtko

    K. Krizmanic

  • 71'

    M. Steenvoorden

  • 75'

    C. Da Cruz

    T. Francois

  • 78'

    S. Bralic

    S. Grzan

  • 81'

    P. Golubickas

  • 85'

    A. Jovicic

  • 90'

    D. Loncar

  • 90'

    M. Raspopovic

  • 90'

    I. Banic

Next match

In the upcoming 1. HNL match, Gorica will play away with Šibenik on the 2nd of October with a 6-1 head to head stats in favor of Gorica (2 draws).

Osijek will host Lokomotiva Zagreb on the 1st of October with a 18-16 head to head record in favor of Osijek (12 draws).

Gorica: Formation and Lineups

Gorica started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

The manager Samir Toplak chose to play with the following team: Ivan Banić (6.4), Moussa Wagué (6.7), Matthew Steenvoorden (6.9), Aleksandar Jovičić (7.3), Krešimir Krizmanić (6.2), Tyrese Francois (6.4), Jurica Pršir (6.2), Merveil Ndockyt (6.6), Joey Suk (5.2), Toni Fruk (6.8) and Deni Jurić (6.5).


Gorica made 5 changes: M. Wague for M. Raspopovic (46′), M. Ndockyt for J. Mitrovic (56′), J. Prsir for P. Golubickas (68′), K. Krizmanic for M. Vojtko (68′) and T. Francois for C. Da Cruz (75′).

Top player: Aleksandar Jovičić

The player who no doubt impressed Gorica the most was Aleksandar Jovičić.

His rating is (7.3) with 23 passes (34% accurate) and 1 key pass. He was won 9 duels out of 11.

Osijek: Formation and Lineups

Osijek started with a 4-3-1-2 line-up (4-3-1-2).

On the other side, Nenad Bjelica played with: Ivica Ivušić (7.0), Šime Gržan (8.1), Danijel Lončar (6.8), Yevgen Cheberko (6.9), Marin Leovac (6.7), Mihael Žaper (7.1), Darko Nejašmić (6.8), Diego Barri (6.2), Mijo Caktaš (6.1), Ramón Miérez (6.5) and Dion Drena Beljo (6.8).


Osijek made 3 changes: Barri for L. Kleinheisler (64′), D. Drena Beljo for V. Jugovic (64′) and S. Grzan for S. Bralic (78′).

Top player: Šime Gržan

The player who no doubt impressed Osijek the most was Šime Gržan.

His rating is (8.1) with 1 goal, 13 passes (38% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 6 duels out of 7.

Results of the day

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