LASK Linz 1-0 Maccabi Tel Aviv: overcomes 1-0 with a late goal scored by S. Horvath

NETANYA. LASK Linz snatched a late win Maccabi Tel Aviv 1-0 after S. Horvath scored just 1 goal (89').

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NETANYA. LASK Linz snatched a late win Maccabi Tel Aviv 1-0 after S. Horvath scored just 1 goal (89′). Maccabi Tel Aviv was vastly superior in terms of ball possession (61%).​

The match was held at the Winner Stadium Stadium in Netanya on Thursday and this began at 8:00 pm local time. The referee was Jérôme Brisard who had the assistance of Benjamin Pages and Erwan Finjean. The 4th official was Mikael Lesage. The weather was clear. The temperature was pleasant around 15.9 degrees Celsius or 60.64 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 73%.​

Match Statistics

Maccabi Tel Aviv was in firm control of the ball 61% while LASK Linz was struggling with a 39% ball possession.

Maccabi Tel Aviv was more aggressive with 35 dangerous attacks and 10 shots of which 4 were on target. Anyhow, LASK Linz managed to find the solution to win this match.​

Maccabi Tel Aviv shot 10 times, 4 on target, 6 off target. On the other side, LASK Linz shot 15 times, 4 on target, 11 off target.


Maccabi Tel Aviv received 1 yellow card (E. Golasa). On the other side, LASK Linz received 3 yellow cards (F. Luckeneder, P. Wiesinger and M. Potzmann).

After this contest, Maccabi Tel Aviv will stay with 10 points like LASK Linz to stay in the 1st place. On the opposite side, LASK Linz will have 10 points like Maccabi Tel Aviv to stay in the 2nd place.

Match Events

  • 28'

    F. Luckeneder

  • 46'

    P. Wiesinger

    F. Luckeneder

  • 60'

    J. Holland

    Hong Hyun-Seok

  • 61'

    M. Potzmann

    F. Flecker

  • 69'

    O. Davidzada

    M. Hozez

  • 69'

    O. Khalaila

    S. Perica

  • 72'

    P. Wiesinger

  • 76'

    A. Gruber

    T. Goiginger

  • 77'

    A. Schmidt

    M. Karamoko

  • 80'

    M. Potzmann

  • 81'

    E. Guerrero

    B. Kuwas

  • 81'

    E. Golasa

  • 84'

    E. Shamir

    E. Golasa

  • 89'

    S. Horvath

    A. Schmidt

Next match

In the upcoming Europa Conference League match, Maccabi Tel Aviv will play away with Alashkert on the 9th of December with a 1-0 head to head record in favor of Maccabi Tel Aviv (0 draws).

LASK Linz will host HJK on the 9th of December with a 1-0 head to head in favor of LASK Linz (0 draws).

Maccabi Tel Aviv: Formation and Lineups

Maccabi Tel Aviv started with a 3-4-2-1 line-up (3-4-2-1).

The manager Barak Itzhaki chose to play with the following team: Daniel Peretz (6.8), Shahar Piven (7.3), Luis Hernández (7.3), Enric Saborit (6.9), Andre Geraldes (6.6), Eyal Golasa (6.9), Sheran Yeini (7.3), Matan Hozez (6.8), Brandley Kuwas (6.6), Gabi Kanikovski (7.1) and Stipe Perica (6.4).


Maccabi Tel Aviv made 4 changes: M. Hozez for O. Davidzada (69′), S. Perica for O. Khalaila (69′), B. Kuwas for E. Guerrero (81′) and E. Golasa for E. Shamir (84′).

Top player: Sheran Yeini

Probably the most impressive player in Maccabi Tel Aviv was Sheran Yeini.

His rating is (7.3) with 46 passes (69% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 5 duels out of 8.

LASK Linz: Formation and Lineups

LASK Linz started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

On the other side, Andreas Wieland played with: Alexander Schlager (7.1), Florian Flecker (6.4), Jan Boller (7.1), Felix Luckeneder (6.6), René Renner (6.9), Hyunseok Hong (7.0), Lukas Grgić (6.8), Thomas Goiginger (6.4), Sascha Horvath (7.7), Keito Nakamura (7.3) and Mamoudou Karamoko (6.7).


LASK Linz made 5 changes: F. Luckeneder for P. Wiesinger (46′), Hong Hyun-Seok for J. Holland (60′), F. Flecker for M. Potzmann (61′), T. Goiginger for A. Gruber (76′) and M. Karamoko for A. Schmidt (77′).

Top player: Sascha Horvath

Probably the most impressive player in LASK Linz was Sascha Horvath.

His rating is (7.7) with 1 goal, 35 passes (65% accurate) and 3 key passes. He was won 6 duels out of 6. He performed 2 crosses.

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