K-League 1: Jeju United tops Seoul 2-0 on Friday

SEOUL. Jeju United prevails over Seoul with a 2-0 win with a goal from K. Ju-Gong (51') and a goal from G. Fernandes (68').


SEOUL. Jeju United beats Seoul with a 2-0 win with a goal from K. Ju-Gong (51′) and a goal from G. Fernandes (68′). Seoul was vastly superior in terms of ball possession (61%).​

Jeju United remained in 10 people after G. Kim received a red card in the 90′.

The match was played at the Seoul World Cup Stadium stadium in Seoul on Friday and it started at 7:30 pm local time. The referee was Dae-Yong Kim who was helped by Jung-Min Lee and Bong-Geun Song. The 4th official was Dong-Jin Kim. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was hot around 27.7 degrees Celsius or 81.79 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 81%.​

Match Statistics

Seoul was in firm control of the ball 61% while Jeju United was struggling with a 39% ball possession.

Seoul was more aggressive with 97 dangerous attacks and 13 shots of which 5 were on target. Nonetheless, Jeju United was capable to find the solution to win this match.​

Seoul shot 13 times, 5 on target, 8 off target. On the opposite side, Jeju United shot 6 times, 4 on target, 2 off target.


Seoul received 2 yellow cards (Yoon Jong-Gyu and Lee Han-Beom). On the other side, Jeju United received 1 yellow card ().

(Seoul) was sent out after receiving a red card in the (90′).

Also, Jeju United didn’t manage to end the match with 11 players after G. Kim (Jeju United) was sent out after receiving a straight red card in the (90′).

After playing this encounter, Seoul will stay with 30 points like Suwon and Gangwon to stay in the 6th place. On the other side, Jeju United will have 34 points like Incheon United to stay in the 5th place.

Match Events

  • 33'

    Yoon Jong-Gyu

  • 38'

    Joo Min-Kyu

    Kim Bum-Soo

  • 51'

    Kim Ju-Gong

  • 56'

    Lee Han-Beom

  • 57'

    Han Seung-Gyu

    K. Ogawa

  • 58'

    Cho Young-Wook

    Kang Seong-Jin

  • 65'

    Ko Kwang-Min

    Yoon Jong-Gyu

  • 68'

    G. Fernandes

  • 78'

    Park Dong-Jin

    A. Palocevic

  • 78'

    Kim Shin-Jin

    Ko Kwang-Min

  • 81'

    Han Jong-Mu

    Jin Seong-Uk

  • 82'

    Lee Ji-Sol

    Yoon Bit-Garam

  • 84'

    Byeon Gyung-Jun

    Ahn Hyun-Beom

  • 88'

    G. Fernandes

  • 89'

    G. Kim

    G. Fernandes

  • 90'

    G. Kim

  • 90'

    Kim Shin-Jin

Next match

In the upcoming K-League 1 match, Seoul will play away with Sangju Sangmu on the 15th of August with a 18-8 head to head record in favor of Seoul (7 draws).

Jeju United will host Pohang Steelers on the 14th of August with a 17-12 head to head stats in favor of Jeju United (11 draws).

Seoul: Formation and Lineups

Seoul started with a mid-fielder-oriented line-up (4-1-4-1).

The manager Ik-Soo Ahn chose to play with the following team: Han-been Yang (6.2), Jong-kyu Yun (7.0), Han-beom Lee (6.6), Sang-min Lee (7.1), Jin-ya Kim (6.8), Sung-Yueng Ki (7.1), Kang Seong-jin (5.8), Keijiro Ogawa (6.7), Aleksandar Paločević (6.8), Sang-Ho Na (6.3) and Stanislav Iljutcenko (6.6).


Seoul made 5 changes: K. Ogawa for Han Seung-Gyu (57′), Kang Seong-Jin for Cho Young-Wook (58′), Yoon Jong-Gyu for Ko Kwang-Min (65′), A. Palocevic for Park Dong-Jin (78′) and Ko Kwang-Min for Kim Shin-Jin (78′).

Top player: Sang-min Lee

The player who no doubt impressed Seoul the most was Sang-min Lee.

His rating is (7.1) with 90 passes (90% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 5 duels out of 5.

Jeju United: Formation and Lineups

Jeju United started with an extremely aggressive line-up (3-4-3).

On the other side, Ki-Il Nam played with: Keun-bae Kim (7.1), Kyeong-jae Kim (7.1), Yeong-jun Choi (7.1), Chung Woon (7.3), Hyeon-beom Ahn (7.3), Bit-garam Yoon (6.8), Ju-kong Kim (7.3), Seong-jun Jo (6.9), Kim Bum-Soo (6.4), Seong-uk Jin (6.7) and Gerso Fernandes (8.2).


Jeju United made 5 changes: Kim Bum-Soo for Joo Min-Kyu (38′), Jin Seong-Uk for Han Jong-Mu (81′), Yoon Bit-Garam for Lee Ji-Sol (82′), Ahn Hyun-Beom for Byeon Gyung-Jun (84′) and G. Fernandes for G. Kim (89′).

Top player: Gerso Fernandes

Probably the most impressive player in Jeju United was Gerso Fernandes.

His rating is (8.2) with 1 goal, 17 passes (82% accurate) and 2 key passes. He was won 2 duels out of 8. He performed 1 cross.

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