Godoy Cruz 1-1 Tigre: Draw on Tuesday

GODOY CRUZ. Tigre and Godoy Cruz draw 1-1. B. Armoa scored the first goal (13') for Tigre. P. Barrios settled the score 1-1 (77').


GODOY CRUZ. Tigre and Godoy Cruz draw 1-1. B. Armoa scored the first goal (13′) for Tigre. P. Barrios settled the score 1-1 (77′).

The match was played at the Estadio Feliciano Gambarte stadium in Godoy Cruz on Tuesday and it started at 7:00 pm local time. The referee was Nazareno Arasa who was helped by Diego Martín and Pablo Acevedo. The 4th official was Yamil Possi. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was cold around 14.9 degrees Celsius or 58.8 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 33%.​

Match Statistics

There wasn’t much of a difference in ball possession. Godoy Cruz was in possession of the ball for 52% of the time vs. Tigre that controlled the ball for 48% of the time.

Godoy Cruz was more aggressive with 42 dangerous attacks and 24 shots of which 8 were on target. However, this did not suffice for Godoy Cruz to win the match​.

Godoy Cruz shot 24 times, 8 on target, 16 off target. On the opposite side, Tigre shot 8 times, 3 on target, 5 off target.


Godoy Cruz received 3 yellow cards (M. Ojeda, J. Andrada and E. Larrosa). On the opposite side, Tigre received 3 yellow cards (V. Cabrera, M. Ortega and ).

Match Events

  • 13'

    B. Armoa

  • 43'

    M. Ojeda

  • 54'

    E. Larrosa

    V. Burgoa

  • 54'

    J. Pintado

    G. Ortiz

  • 65'

    V. Cabrera

  • 67'

    M. Ortega

    L. Menossi

  • 68'

    T. Allende

    N. Acevedo

  • 69'

    G. Vega

    T. Castro

  • 71'

    J. Andrada

  • 77'

    P. Barrios

  • 78'

    B. Leizza

    A. Castro

  • 79'

    I. Protti

    B. Armoa

  • 79'

    E. Larrosa

  • 81'

    M. Ortega

  • 86'

    T. Badaloni

    S. Rodriguez

  • 88'

    G. Marinelli

    M. Roffo

  • 89'

    A. Obando

    I. Fernandez

  • 90'

    G. Marinelli

Next match

In the upcoming Superliga match, Godoy Cruz will play away with Barracas Central on the 17th of September with a 1-0 head to head statistic in favor of Barracas Central (0 draws).

Tigre will host Vélez Sarsfield on the 18th of September with a 4-2 head to head record in favor of Vélez Sarsfield (1 draw).

Godoy Cruz: Formation and Lineups

Godoy Cruz adopted the 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

The manager Favio Orsi chose to play with the following team: Diego Rodríguez (7.0), Pier Barrios (7.3), Gianluca Ferrari (7.0), Guillermo Ortíz (6.4), Franco Negri (7.2), Juan Andrada (6.5), Nelson Acevedo (6.7), Martín Ojeda (5.8), Tomás Castro Ponce (7.4), Valentín Burgoa (6.8) and Salomón Rodríguez (6.4).


Godoy Cruz made 5 changes: V. Burgoa for E. Larrosa (54′), G. Ortiz for J. Pintado (54′), N. Acevedo for T. Allende (68′), T. Castro for G. Vega (69′) and S. Rodriguez for T. Badaloni (86′).

Top player: Tomás Castro Ponce

Probably the most impressive player in Godoy Cruz was Tomás Castro Ponce.

His rating is (7.4) with 18 passes (55% accurate) and 2 key passes. He was won 6 duels out of 8. He performed 4 crosses.

Tigre: Formation and Lineups

Also Tigre adopted the 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

On the other side, Diego Hernán Martínez played with: Manuel Roffo (6.5), Lucas Blondel (6.2), Victor Cabrera (6.1), Abel Luciatti (7.4), Sebastián Prieto (7.4), Agustín Baldi (7.1), Ezequiel Fernández (6.6), Blas Armoa (7.6), Lucas Menossi (7.3), Alexis Castro (6.6) and Mateo Retegui (7.0).

Tigre could not rely on the presence of G. Marinelli (injured).


Tigre made 5 changes: L. Menossi for M. Ortega (67′), A. Castro for B. Leizza (78′), B. Armoa for I. Protti (79′), M. Roffo for G. Marinelli (88′) and I. Fernandez for A. Obando (89′).

Top player: Blas Armoa

The player who no doubt impressed Tigre the most was Blas Armoa.

His rating is (7.6) with 1 goal, 17 passes (76% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 3 duels out of 4. He performed 5 crosses.

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