Eerste Divisie: Heracles Almelo conquers Helmond Sport 2-0 on Friday

ALMELO. Heracles Almelo beats Helmond Sport with a 2-0 win with a goal from L. Schoofs (48') and a goal from A. Nankishi (88').


ALMELO. Heracles Almelo tops Helmond Sport with a 2-0 win with a goal from L. Schoofs (48′) and a goal from A. Nankishi (88′). Helmond Sport lost this match even if it was superior in terms of ball possession (58%).

Heracles Almelo remained in 10 people after A. Ouahim received a red card in the 15′. Anyway, Heracles Almelo still succeeded in win this match competing only with 10 players​.

The match was held at the Erve Asito Stadium in Almelo on Friday and this began at 7:00 pm UTC. The referee was Robin Hensgens with the assistance of Halis Murat Kucukerbir and Franca Overtoom. The 4th official was Gerbert Stegeman. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was cold around 13.9 degrees Celsius or 56.98 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 81%.​

Match Statistics

Helmond Sport was in firm control of the ball 58% while Heracles Almelo was struggling with a 42% ball possession.

Helmond Sport was more aggressive with 85 dangerous attacks and 13 shots of which 2 were on target. Still, Heracles Almelo was capable to find the solution to win this match.​

Heracles Almelo shot 15 times, 6 on target, 9 off target. On the opposite side, Helmond Sport shot 13 times, 2 on target, 11 off target.


No yellow cards were issued to Heracles Almelo. On the opposite side, Helmond Sport received 3 yellow cards (M. Chacon, E. Maddy and T. Beugelsdijk).

(Heracles Almelo) was sent out after receiving a red card in the (15′).

After playing this match, Heracles Almelo will have 16 points to stay in the 3rd place. On the other side, Helmond Sport will stay with 6 points like FC Den Bosch to stay in the 17th place.

Match Events

  • 15'

    A. Ouahim

  • 35'

    M. Chacon

  • 48'

    L. Schoofs

    E. Hansson

  • 54'

    E. Maddy

  • 62'

    G. Culhaci

    G. Bosiers

  • 62'

    H. Lorentzen

    B. Van Hove

  • 66'

    T. Beugelsdijk

  • 74'

    A. Nankishi

    M. Vejinovic

  • 79'

    M. Scholten

    T. Beugelsdijk

  • 79'

    J. Goselink

    A. Van Keilegom

  • 86'

    S. Scheperman

    T. Bruns

  • 88'

    E. Terzi

    E. Maddy

  • 88'

    A. Nankishi

  • 90'

    N. Bakboord

    S. Mokono

  • 90'

    E. Sierra

    N. Laursen

Next match

In the upcoming Eerste Divisie match, Heracles Almelo will play away against FC Den Bosch on the 30th of September with a 2-0 head to head statistic in favor of Heracles Almelo (0 draws).

Helmond Sport will host TOP Oss on the 30th of September with a 15-9 head to head statistic in favor of Helmond Sport (7 draws).

Heracles Almelo: Formation and Lineups

Heracles Almelo started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

The manager Joannes Gerardus Adrianus Lammers chose to play with the following team: Michael Brouwer (6.6), Sylian Mokono (6.5), Marco Rente (7.6), Justin Hoogma (7.8), Ruben Roosken (7.1), Lucas Schoofs (7.8), Marko Vejinović (7.3), Nikolai Laursen (7.1), Thomas Bruns (6.3), Emil Hansson (7.3) and Anas Ouahim (6.8).


Heracles Almelo made 3 changes: M. Vejinovic for A. Nankishi (74′), S. Mokono for N. Bakboord (90′) and N. Laursen for E. Sierra (90′).

Top player: Justin Hoogma

Probably the most impressive player in Heracles Almelo was Justin Hoogma even if he didn’t score any goal.

His rating is (7.8) with 60 passes (86% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 3 duels out of 3.

Helmond Sport: Formation and Lineups

Helmond Sport started with an extremely aggressive line-up (3-4-3).

On the other side, Sven Swinnen played with: Mike Havekotte (7.3), Flor Van Den Eynden (7.6), Tom Beugelsdijk (6.8), Robin Van der Meer (7.2), Arno Van Keilegom (6.7), Michael Chacón (6.8), Gaetan Bosiers (6.5), Bryan Van Hove (6.8), Peter van Ooijen (7.2), Martijn Kaars (6.8) and Eros Maddy (6.8).


Helmond Sport made 5 changes: G. Bosiers for G. Culhaci (62′), B. Van Hove for H. Lorentzen (62′), T. Beugelsdijk for M. Scholten (79′), A. Van Keilegom for J. Goselink (79′) and E. Maddy for E. Terzi (88′).

Top player: Flor Van Den Eynden

The player who no doubt impressed Helmond Sport the most was Flor Van Den Eynden.

His rating is (7.6) with 51 passes (90% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 4 duels out of 5. He performed 3 crosses.

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