Chabab Mohammédia 1-0 Mouloudia Oujda: overcomes 1-0 with a late goal scored by A. Nakous

MOHAMMéDIA. Chabab Mohammédia snatched a late win Mouloudia Oujda 1-0 after A. Nakous scored just 1 goal (90').

MOHAMMéDIA. Chabab Mohammédia snatched a late win Mouloudia Oujda 1-0 after A. Nakous scored just 1 goal (90′).

The match was held at the Stade Al Bachir Stadium in Mohammédia on Thursday and this began at 5:00 pm UTC. The weather was clear. The temperature was pleasant around 23.8 degrees Celsius or 74.82 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 88%.​

Match Statistics

There wasn’t much of a difference in ball possession. Chabab Mohammédia was in possession of the ball for 48% of the time vs. Mouloudia Oujda that controlled the ball for 52% of the time.

Chabab Mohammédia was more aggressive with 85 dangerous attacks and 14 shots of which 6 were on target. Which is one of the reasons Chabab Mohammédia won the match.

Chabab Mohammédia shot 14 times, 6 on target, 8 off target. On the opposite side, Mouloudia Oujda shot 3 times, 0 on target, 3 off target.


Chabab Mohammédia received 1 yellow card (O. Zemraoui). On the opposite side, Mouloudia Oujda received 4 yellow cards (H. Buihamghet, M. Lemzaouri, A. Nouader and M. Maftah).

After playing this encounter, Chabab Mohammédia has 3 points to occupy the 3rd place in the table. while Mouloudia Oujda stays with 0 points (15th).

Match Events

  • 27'

    H. Buihamghet

  • 30'

    O. Zemraoui

  • 57'

    M. Zila

    K. El Keraa

  • 62'

    Z. Hamadi

    H. Marchad

  • 62'

    I. Farhi Benhalima

    K. Benarif

  • 72'

    N. Lougmani

    Y. Anouar

  • 76'

    A. Nakous

    H. Elowasti

  • 81'

    M. Lemzaouri

  • 84'

    A. Ballouchy

    M. Afalah

  • 84'

    T. Safsafi

    O. Lamlioui

  • 85'

    A. Souane

    Y. Wakili

  • 90'

    A. Nouader

  • 90'

    A. Nakous

  • 90'

    M. Maftah

Next match

In the upcoming Botola Pro match, Chabab Mohammédia will play away with Difaâ El Jadida on the 16th of September with a 1-1 head to head statistic.

Mouloudia Oujda will host FUS Rabat on the 17th of September with a 5-5 head to head statistic.

Chabab Mohammédia: Formation and Lineups

The manager Mohamed Fakhir chose to play with the following team: .


Chabab Mohammédia made 4 changes: K. El Keraa for M. Zila (57′), H. Elowasti for A. Nakous (76′), M. Afalah for A. Ballouchy (84′) and O. Lamlioui for T. Safsafi (84′).

Mouloudia Oujda: Formation and Lineups

On the other side, Mounir Jaouani played with: .


Mouloudia Oujda made 4 changes: H. Marchad for Z. Hamadi (62′), K. Benarif for I. Farhi Benhalima (62′), Y. Anouar for N. Lougmani (72′) and Y. Wakili for A. Souane (85′).

Results of the day

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