Admiral Bundesliga: Wolfsberger AC prevails over Hartberg 3-1 after recovering from a 0-1 deficit

WOLFSBERG. Wolfsberger AC was capable to turn the table against Hartberg.


WOLFSBERG. Wolfsberger AC was able to turn the table against Hartberg. It was Hartberg to score first with a goal from D. Tadic. However, later Wolfsberger AC found the way to turn the table scoring 3 consecutive goals with T. Baribo (42′), K. Kerschbaumer (59′) and T. Rocher (90′).

The match was held at the Lavanttal Arena Stadium in Wolfsberg on Saturday and this began at 3:00 pm UTC. The referee was Harald Lechner who was helped by Andreas Heidenreich and Maximilian Kolbitsch. The 4th official was Thomas Fröhlacher. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was cold around 11.8 degrees Celsius or 53.28 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 86%.​

Match Statistics

There wasn’t much of a difference in ball possession. Wolfsberger AC was in possession of the ball for 53% of the time vs. Hartberg that controlled the ball for 47% of the time.

Wolfsberger AC was more aggressive with 67 dangerous attacks and 12 shots of which 6 were on target. Which is one of the reasons Wolfsberger AC won the match.

Wolfsberger AC shot 12 times, 6 on target, 6 off target. On the other side, Hartberg shot 9 times, 1 on target, 8 off target.


Wolfsberger AC received 1 yellow card (M. Anzolin). On the other side, Hartberg received 1 yellow card (P. Farkas).

After this contest, Wolfsberger AC will have 8 points like Wattens and Austria Klagenfurt to stay in the 7th place. On the opposite side, Hartberg will stay with 7 points to stay in the 10th place.

Match Events

  • 22'

    M. Anzolin

  • 24'

    D. Tadic (Penalty)

  • 42'

    T. Baribo

  • 46'

    M. Steinwender

    T. Kofler

  • 59'

    K. Kerschbaumer

  • 60'

    L. Fadinger

    E. Almog

  • 68'

    M. Kropfl

    O. Aydin

  • 68'

    R. Kriwak

    D. Tadic

  • 73'

    E. Omic

    K. Kerschbaumer

  • 73'

    T. Rocher

    T. Baribo

  • 74'

    P. Farkas

  • 85'

    S. Paintsil

    P. Farkas

  • 90'

    M. Novak

    T. Ballo

  • 90'

    M. Taferner

    M. Leitgeb

  • 90'

    T. Rocher

    M. Malone

Next match

In the upcoming Admiral Bundesliga match, Wolfsberger AC will play away against Austria Lustenau on the 1st of October with a 0-0 head to head stats.

Hartberg will host Austria Klagenfurt on the 2nd of October with a 2-0 head to head stats in favor of Austria Klagenfurt (0 draws).

Wolfsberger AC: Formation and Lineups

Wolfsberger AC started with a 5-3-2 line-up (5-3-2).

The manager Robin Dutt chose to play with the following team: Hendrik Bonmann (6.5), Adis Jasic (7.4), Dominik Baumgartner (7.3), Simon Piesinger (6.8), Raphael Schifferl (6.5), Matteo Anzolin (6.4), Konstantin Kerschbaumer (7.4), Thierno Ballo (6.6), Mario Leitgeb (7.0), Tai Baribo (7.0) and Maurice Malone (7.2).


Wolfsberger AC made 4 changes: K. Kerschbaumer for E. Omic (73′), T. Baribo for T. Rocher (73′), T. Ballo for M. Novak (90′) and M. Leitgeb for M. Taferner (90′).

Top player: Konstantin Kerschbaumer

The player who no doubt impressed Wolfsberger AC the most was Konstantin Kerschbaumer.

His rating is (7.4) with 1 goal, 45 passes (82% accurate) and 2 key passes. He was won 1 duel out of 6. He performed 1 cross.

Hartberg: Formation and Lineups

Hartberg started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

On the opposite side, Klaus Schmidt played with: Rene Swete (6.9), Patrick Farkas (7.2), Mario Sonnleitner (6.8), Matija Horvat (6.7), Thomas Kofler (6.8), Tobias Kainz (6.8), Jurgen Heil (7.1), Dominik Frieser (7.0), Okan Aydin (7.4), Eylon Almog (6.4) and Dario Tadić (7.2).


Hartberg made 5 changes: T. Kofler for M. Steinwender (46′), E. Almog for L. Fadinger (60′), O. Aydin for M. Kropfl (68′), D. Tadic for R. Kriwak (68′) and P. Farkas for S. Paintsil (85′).

Top player: Okan Aydin

The player who no doubt impressed Hartberg the most was Okan Aydin.

His rating is (7.4) with 30 passes (63% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 7 duels out of 9. He performed 1 cross.

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