Admiral Bundesliga: Rapid Vienna conquers Wattens 2-1

INNSBRUCK. Rapid Vienna conquered Wattens to win 2-1.


INNSBRUCK. Rapid Vienna beat Wattens to win 2-1. All goals were scored in the first half.​ It was Rapid Vienna to strike first with a goal of M. Grull at the 10′. Then J. Auer scored again for Rapid Vienna in the 14′ minute with a goal. Eventually, G. Vrioni reduced the distance for Wattens with a goal. However, that was it, and the result remained 2-1.​

K. Schulz received a red card (89′)​. This double yellow card was one of the reason why Wattens lost the match.

The match was played at the Tivoli Stadion Tirol stadium in Innsbruck on Thursday and it started at 5:00 pm local time. The referee was Sebastian Gishamer with the assistance of Roland Riedel and Santino Schreiner. The 4th official was Christopher Jäger. The weather was cloudy. The temperature was pleasant around 22 degrees Celsius or 71.65 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 49%.​

Match Statistics

There wasn’t much of a difference in ball possession. Wattens was in possession of the ball for 46% of the time vs. Rapid Vienna that controlled the ball for 54% of the time.

Rapid Vienna was more aggressive with 43 dangerous attacks and 14 shots of which 5 were on target. Which is one of the reasons Rapid Vienna won the match.​

Wattens shot 9 times, 3 on target, 6 off target. On the other side, Rapid Vienna shot 14 times, 5 on target, 9 off target.


Wattens received 2 yellow cards (K. Schulz and T. Prica). On the opposite side, Rapid Vienna received 3 yellow cards (M. Hofmann, K. Wimmer and D. Bosnjak).

K. Schulz (Wattens) was sent out after receiving a second yellow card (89′).

After playing this contest, Wattens will stay with 28 points like Wolfsberger AC to move up in the 2nd place. On the opposite side, Rapid Vienna will have 25 points to move up in the 10th place.

Match Events

  • 4'

    K. Schulz

  • 10'

    M. Grull

  • 14'

    J. Auer

  • 27'

    G. Vrioni

  • 39'

    M. Hofmann

  • 45'

    L. Querfeld

    M. Hofmann

  • 58'

    S. Ogrinec

    V. Muller

  • 58'

    S. Skrbo

    J. Ertlthaler

  • 60'

    K. Kitagawa

    C. Knasmullner

  • 61'

    N. Binder

    B. Zimmermann

  • 66'

    K. Wimmer

  • 72'

    F. Bacher

    Z. Rogelj

  • 74'

    T. Prica

    T. Sabitzer

  • 75'

    M. Oswald

    R. Ljubicic

  • 76'

    D. Bosnjak

    M. Grull

  • 86'

    D. Bosnjak

  • 89'

    A. Ranacher

    F. Koch

  • 89'

    K. Schulz

  • 90'

    T. Prica

Next match

In the upcoming Admiral Bundesliga match, Wattens will play away against Rapid Vienna on the 29th of May with a 6-1 head to head record in favor of Rapid Vienna (1 draw).

Rapid Vienna will host Wattens on the 29th of May with a 7-1 head to head statistic in favor of Rapid Vienna (1 draw).

Wattens: Formation and Lineups

Wattens started with a 3-5-2 line-up (3-5-2).

The manager Thomas Silberberger chose to play with the following team: Ferdinand Oswald (6.7), Fabian Koch (7.1), Raffael Behounek (6.8), Dominik Stumberger (6.8), Žan Rogelj (7.0), Julius Ertlthaler (6.1), Valentino Müller (6.7), Bror Blume Jensen (6.5), Kofi Schulz (6.7), Thomas Sabitzer (6.2) and Giacomo Vrioni (7.4).


Wattens made 5 changes: V. Muller for S. Ogrinec (58′), J. Ertlthaler for S. Skrbo (58′), Z. Rogelj for F. Bacher (72′), T. Sabitzer for T. Prica (74′) and F. Koch for A. Ranacher (89′).

Top player: Giacomo Vrioni

The player who no doubt impressed Wattens the most was Giacomo Vrioni.

His rating is (7.4) with 1 goal, 10 passes (80% accurate) and 0 key passes. He was won 4 duels out of 5.

Rapid Vienna: Formation and Lineups

Rapid Vienna started with a 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

On the other side, Ferdinand Feldhofer played with: Paul Gartler (6.6), Pascal Fallmann (7.1), Maximilian Hofmann (6.6), Kevin Wimmer (6.4), Martin Moormann (7.1), Emanuel Aiwu (6.7), Robert Ljubičić (7.2), Marco Grüll (7.2), Christoph Knasmüllner (6.5), Jonas Antonius Auer (8.1) and Bernhard Zimmermann (6.2).

Rapid Vienna could not rely on the presence of L. Querfeld (injured).


Rapid Vienna made 5 changes: M. Hofmann for L. Querfeld (45′), C. Knasmullner for K. Kitagawa (60′), B. Zimmermann for N. Binder (61′), R. Ljubicic for M. Oswald (75′) and M. Grull for D. Bosnjak (76′).

Top player: Jonas Antonius Auer

Probably the most impressive player in Rapid Vienna was Jonas Antonius Auer.

His rating is (8.1) with 1 goal, 33 passes (57% accurate) and 3 key passes. He was won 5 duels out of 9. He performed 7 crosses.

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