1. HNL: Lokomotiva Zagreb manages to draw 2-2 with Gorica after recovering a 0-2 deficit

VELIKA GORICA. Gorica manages to recover against Lokomotiva Zagreb with a goal on the A. Ibrahim 34' and a goal on the J. Pivaric 60'.

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VELIKA GORICA. Gorica manages to recover against Lokomotiva Zagreb with a goal on the A. Ibrahim 34′ and a goal on the J. Pivaric 60′.

The match was held at the ŠRC Velika Gorica Stadium in Velika Gorica on Sunday and this began at 2:00 pm local time. The referee was Dario Bel who had the assistance of Dino Knez and Ivan Janić. The 4th official was Domagoj Kurtović. The weather was foggy. The temperature was quite cold around 4 degrees Celsius or 39.11 Fahrenheit. Humidity was up to 100%.​

Match Statistics

There wasn’t much of a difference in ball possession. Gorica was in possession of the ball for 49% of the time vs. Lokomotiva Zagreb that controlled the ball for 51% of the time.

Lokomotiva Zagreb was more aggressive with 69 dangerous attacks and 15 shots of which 8 were on target. However, this did not suffice for Lokomotiva Zagreb to win the encounter​.

Gorica shot 16 times, 5 on target, 11 off target. On the other side, Lokomotiva Zagreb shot 15 times, 8 on target, 7 off target.


Gorica received 2 yellow cards (A. Jovicic and V. Stojanovski). On the opposite side, Lokomotiva Zagreb received 2 yellow cards (B. Cipetic and L. Kacavenda).

After playing this match, Gorica will have 21 points like Lokomotiva Zagreb to stay in the 6th place. On the other side, Lokomotiva Zagreb will have 21 points like Gorica to stay in the 5th place.

Match Events

  • 2'

    T. Fruk

  • 24'

    J. Prsir

  • 34'

    A. Ibrahim

  • 43'

    A. Jovicic

  • 46'

    S. Kulenovic

    M. Dabro

  • 46'

    K. Lovric

    Y. Delfi

  • 50'

    B. Cipetic

  • 52'

    L. Kacavenda

  • 56'

    V. Stojanovski

  • 60'

    J. Pivaric

  • 63'

    M. Vranjkovic

    B. Cipetic

  • 64'

    A. Hoxha

    J. Pivaric

  • 64'

    F. Brodic

    V. Stojanovski

  • 64'

    N. Jankovic

    S. Ngouali

  • 76'

    J. Mitrovic

    T. Fruk

  • 86'

    A. Doka

    C. Keita

  • 87'

    S. Gorican

    A. Ibrahim

  • 90'

    M. Musa

    I. Milicevic

Next match

In the upcoming 1. HNL match, Gorica will play away against Hrvatski Dragovoljac on the 27th of November with a 0-0 head to head.

Lokomotiva Zagreb will play away with Osijek on the 26th of November with a 16-15 head to head record in favor of Osijek (11 draws).

Gorica: Formation and Lineups

Gorica adopted the 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

The manager Krunoslav Rendulić chose to play with the following team: Dominik Kotarski (7.1), Musa Muhammed (6.2), Matthew Steenvoorden (6.6), Aleksandar Jovičić (6.4), Cheick Keita (7.3), Jurica Pršir (7.2), Hrvoje Babec, Serge-Junior Martinsson Ngouali (6.4), Younes Delfi (6.4), Anthony Kalik (7.5), Toni Fruk (7.5) and Vlatko Stojanovski (6.8).


Gorica made 5 changes: Y. Delfi for K. Lovric (46′), V. Stojanovski for F. Brodic (64′), S. Ngouali for N. Jankovic (64′), T. Fruk for J. Mitrovic (76′) and C. Keita for A. Doka (86′).

Top player: Toni Fruk

The player who no doubt impressed Gorica the most was Toni Fruk.

His rating is (7.5) with 1 goal, 11 passes (81% accurate) and 1 key pass. He was won 3 duels out of 4. He performed 3 crosses.

Lokomotiva Zagreb: Formation and Lineups

Also Lokomotiva Zagreb adopted the 4-2-3-1 line-up (4-2-3-1).

On the opposite side, Silvijo Čabraja played with: Ivan Nevistić (6.5), Branimir Cipetić (6.7), Justin De Haas (6.8), Nikola Soldo (6.6), Ivan Milićević (7.1), Enis Çokaj (6.9), Mateo Marić (7.1), Ibrahim Aliyu (7.1), Lukas Kačavenda (6.7), Josip Pivarić (7.1), Marko Dabro (6.7).

Lokomotiva Zagreb could not rely on the presence of M. Vranjkovic (injured).


Lokomotiva Zagreb made 4 changes: M. Dabro for S. Kulenovic (46′), B. Cipetic for M. Vranjkovic (63′), J. Pivaric for A. Hoxha (64′) and A. Ibrahim for S. Gorican (87′).

Top player: Ibrahim Aliyu

Probably the most impressive player in Lokomotiva Zagreb was Ibrahim Aliyu.

His rating is (7.1) with 1 goal, 25 passes (80% accurate) and 1 key pass. He was won 3 duels out of 11. He performed 5 crosses.

Results of the day

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