Cricket News: Now we will hear cricket commentary on the radio again

Cricket News: Who can forget the days when people in the villages listened to live cricket commentary on a radio like a cricket ground? The thrill was something different. At that time, people were listening to the commentary of the cricket match on the radio and watching themselves watching live matches on the ground.

Cricket Commentary on the radio again

Cricket Commentary on the radio : Years ago All India Radio was the heartbeat of the country. Radio was the best source of entertainment, information, and cricket news. Vijay Merchant was one of the best radio commentators of all time.

People would come to hear the commentary of the rich game of cricket players like Polly Umrigar, Vinu Mankad and Abbas Ali Beg. In other words, Radio has also played a key role in making cricket’s game so popular in India.

Cricket good news

Prime Minister Modi has tried to revive the era of radioactive radio by the “Mann Ki Baat” program.

The original radio has disappeared from urban life. Now the younger generation of FM Listens more. However, people in the city may have forgotten the radio, but people still listen to the radio in remote villages, in mountainous areas, and in the islands.

BCCI and Akashwani have been signed for two years till August 31, 2021.

cricket commentary radio

There is good news for radio enthusiasts. Now in the era of smartphones, cricket lovers will again be able to hear live commentary of cricket matches on the radio. BCCI has decided that all matches played in India will be broadcast live on Skywire.

The BCCI has officially announced on Twitter.

The deal will begin with the first match of the three-match T20 series between India and South Africa at the inn. Importantly, millions of cricket fans across India will be able to connect with cricket through live radio commentary.

They include the Ranji Trophy final, the Dilip Trophy final, all matches of the Deodhar Trophy. The deal did not include the Vijay Hazare Trophy, the IPL and the ICC series held in India.