3rd T20I: India vs Australia Score, Highlights, Commentary and Status


Australia beat India by 12 runs: A terrific game of cricket and it is Australia who hold their nerves and manage to avoid a whitewash in the hands of the Indians. With Indian losing quick wickets, it became tough towards the end and the Aussies managed to squeeze the game and put India under pressure and seal the deal. However, it is India who will take the series 2-1. But, it is slightly disappointing that India lose their first T20I game, in 2020.

  • Winning Team


  • Man of the match

    Mitchell Swepson

  • Won by

    12 runs

  • Match No.

    3rd T20I

  • Venue

    Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney

  • Series

    India in Australia, 3 T20I Series, 2020

Batting R B 4s 6s S/R
Matthew Wade
b Shardul Thakur
80 53 7 2 150.94
Aaron Finch
c Hardik Pandya b Washington Sundar
0 2 0 0 0.00
Steven Smith
b Washington Sundar
24 23 1 0 104.35
Glenn Maxwell
b T Natarajan
54 36 3 3 150.00
Moises Henriques *
not out
5 2 1 0 250.00
D’Arcy Short
rund out ()
7 3 1 0 233.33
Daniel Sams *
not out
4 2 1 0 200.00
Extras 12 (W 10,LB 1,NB 1)
Total runs 186 (5 wkts, 20.0 ov)
Yet to bat

Andrew Tye – Mitchell Swepson – Sean Abbott – Adam Zampa
Fall of wickets

14/1 (Aaron Finch, 1.4 ov) – 79/2 (Steven Smith, 9.4 ov) – 169/3 (Matthew Wade, 18.2 ov) – 175/4 (Glenn Maxwell, 19.1 ov) – 182/5 (D’Arcy Short, 19.4 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ
Deepak Chahar 4.0 0 34 0 8.50
Washington Sundar 4.0 0 34 2 8.50
T Natarajan 4.0 0 33 1 8.25
Yuzvendra Chahal 4.0 0 41 0 10.25
Shardul Thakur 4.0 0 43 1 10.75
Batting R B 4s 6s S/R
KL Rahul
c Steven Smith b Glenn Maxwell
0 2 0 0 0.00
Shikhar Dhawan
c Daniel Sams b Mitchell Swepson
28 21 3 0 133.33
Virat Kohli
c Daniel Sams b Andrew Tye
85 61 4 3 139.34
Sanju Samson
c Steven Smith b Mitchell Swepson
10 9 0 0 111.11
Shreyas Iyer
b Mitchell Swepson
0 1 0 0 0.00
Hardik Pandya
c Aaron Finch (C) b Adam Zampa
20 13 1 2 153.85
Washington Sundar
c Andrew Tye b Sean Abbott
7 6 1 0 116.67
Shardul Thakur *
not out
17 7 0 2 242.86
Deepak Chahar *
not out
0 0 0 0 0.00
Extras 7 (W 6,B 1)
Total runs 174 (7 wkts, 20.0 ov)
Yet to bat

Yuzvendra Chahal – T Natarajan
Fall of wickets

0/1 (KL Rahul, 0.2 ov) – 74/2 (Shikhar Dhawan, 8.5 ov) – 97/3 (Sanju Samson, 12.3 ov) – 100/4 (Shreyas Iyer, 13 ov) – 144/5 (Hardik Pandya, 17.1 ov) – 151/6 (Virat Kohli, 18.1 ov) – 164/7 (Washington Sundar, 19.2 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ
Glenn Maxwell 3.0 0 20 1 6.67
Sean Abbott 4.0 0 49 1 12.25
Daniel Sams 2.0 0 29 0 14.50
Andrew Tye 4.0 0 31 1 7.75
Mitchell Swepson 4.0 0 23 3 5.75
Adam Zampa 3.0 0 21 1 7.00

Australia (186/5)

Matthew Wade (80/53): Shardul Thakur to Matthew Wade, OUT! LBW! Will just ease Shardul’s nerves a little bit. Slower ball, very full on middle and leg, Matthew looks to play it across the line but to the naked eye he seems to have missed it. It hits his boot. An appeal is put in for a lbw and the umpire raises his finger. Wade though reviews it straightaway. Snicko and Hot Spot confirm that there is no bat involved. Right, onto Ball Tracker then. THREE REDS! India have got the big wicket of Matthew Wade then. He goes after an amazing 80 off 53 balls.

Aaron Finch (0/2): Washington Sundar to Aaron Finch, OUT! CAUGHT! Sundar strikes and the Aussie skipper falls for a duck. Indians celebrate. Lovely bowling from Sundar. A flatter delivery around off, Finch moves to the leg side and makes room. He tries to slam it over mid off but miscues it in the air off the toe end of the willow. Pandya at mid off gobbles it easily. Sundar gets his first wicket in this T20I series.

Steven Smith (24/23): Washington Sundar to Steven Smith, OUT! TIMBER! An unusual way to get out for Steven. Washington Sundar gets another wicket. The danger man has been sent back for 24. Smith gives a lot of room on the off side by backing away. The ball was shorter and on off. Smith though backed away too far. He looked to slog it on the off side. But he misses and the ball hits the sticks.

Glenn Maxwell (54/36): T Natarajan to Glenn Maxwell, OUT! BOWLED! Natarajan again, showing his worth to the team. It was a full toss on off and middle, Maxwell gets into position to play the reverse sweep but he misses it completely. The stumps are shattered. Natarajan depends on nobody to get his man there.

D’Arcy Short (7/3): T Natarajan to D’Arcy Short, OUT! RUN OUT! A suicidal second run there. Short knows he is out and starts walking. Around off, Short knocks it down to long on. Takes a single and wants the second. Runs to the other end. The throw comes to the keeper’s end. Rahul collects and whips the bails off. D’Arcy Short knows well that he is well short. He starts walking. Unnecessary from him to take the second there.

Moises Henriques* (5/2) and Daniel Sams* (4/2): T Natarajan to Daniel Sams, A dot to finish off. Yorker length ball outside off, Daniel Sams looks to jam it out but misses. They do not take the bye either. AUSTRALIANS FINISH WITH 186/5.

India (174/7)

KL Rahul (0/2): Glenn Maxwell to KL Rahul, OUT! TAKEN! Rahul holes out in the first over. Maxwell with an early success for the Aussies. He bowls this short and on middle, Rahul goes for the pull but he doesn’t time it that well. It goes to the fielder at deep mid-wicket. Smith there makes no mistake. 2-ball duck for Rahul. Exactly what it was for the Aussie skipper and one of their openers.

Shikhar Dhawan (28/21): Mitchell Swepson to Shikhar Dhawan, OUT! TAKEN! Almost another dropped one though. It was hit powerfully. Short ball, around off, Shikhar goes back and pulls it powerfully. Sams is the man at deep mid-wicket. He gets to his left and puts a stellar effort to grab the ball. But… it slips from him. Luckily though, he is able to hold onto it on the rebound.

Virat Kohli (85/61): Andrew Tye to Virat Kohli, OUT! TAKEN! An outstanding catch from the seamer. Andrew Tye it is. Kohli goes. And so do India’s chances. Full and outside off, Kohli comes down the track and strokes it uppishly towards deep point. Daniel, the man in the deep, takes a scintillating catch, diving to his left.

Sanju Samson (10/9): Mitchell Swepson to Sanju Samson, OUT! CAUGHT! Samson holes out. Swepson gets the 2nd wicket of the night. A low full toss, Samson looks to slogĀ it over long on but he miscues it off the toe end of the bat. Smith there runs ahead and this time he takes the catch without any fuss. Samson throws away another opportunity.

Shreyas Iyer (0/1): Mitchell Swepson to Shreyas Iyer, OUT! LBW! Second wicket in the over and Iyer falls for a first-ball duck. Swepson strikes on his last ball of his spell. Lovely spell and he has turned the game around eally qucikly. A loopy googly from Swepson. Iyer doesn’t read it well and tries to flick but he misses to get hit on the pad. They appeal and the umpire agrees quickly. Iyer has a word with his skipper. And they go for the review. No bat involved. Pitching in line and hitting the wickets. Keep walking Iyer and as he goes, takes a review along with him. 3/23 from Swepson is his 4. 87 needed in 7 overs.

Hardik Pandya (20/13): Adam Zampa to Hardik Pandya, OUT! CAUGHT! Leading edge. This has been taken. Good captaincy from Finch. Full on middle and leg, Pandya’s eyes lit up on seeing that. He looks to slog it over the leg side but gets a leading edge. It is uppish and goes straight into the hands of Aaron Finch at backward point. Aaron backtracks a little and takes it with ease.

Washington Sundar (7/6): Sean Abbott to Washington Sundar, OUT! CAUGHT! Sundar is gone. This match is going away from India. Full toss well outside off, would have been a wide had he left it. But Washington Sundar goes after it. He strikes it uppishly but Tye, at deep backward point, runs in and takes the catch.

Shardul Thakur* (17/7) and Deepak Chahar* (0/0): Sean Abbott to Shardul Thakur, DROPPED! Well, the game ends with a catch being dropped. Pretty charecteristic of the fielding in the series itself. Short ball, Shardul Thakur pulls hard at it. It goes high in the air to the man at deep mid-wicket who spills the sitter. A couple taken by the team from South Asia. But it does not matter as the AUSTRALIANS WIN BY 12 RUNS! INDIA THOUGH, WIN THE T20I SERIES 2-1!