2nd T20I: Zimbabwe vs Pakistan Score, Highlights, Commentary and Status


Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by 8 wickets: This has been a very comprehensive show by Pakistan. They were right on the money with the ball and continued that same effort with the bat and have ensured that they wrap this 3 match-series by winning the first two games. A very well deserved victory for the Men in Green.

  • Winning Team


  • Man of the match

    Haider Ali

  • Won by

    8 wickets

  • Match No.

    2nd T20I

  • Venue

    Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi

  • Series

    Zimbabwe in Pakistan, 3 T20I Series, 2020

Batting R B 4s 6s S/R
Brendan Taylor
c Mohammad Rizwan (W) b Haris Rauf
3 6 0 0 50.00
Chamu Chibhabha
c Faheem Ashraf b Haris Rauf
15 9 3 0 166.67
Sean Williams
b Faheem Ashraf
13 10 2 0 130.00
Wesley Madhevere
b Usman Qadir
24 22 3 1 109.09
Sikandar Raza
b Usman Qadir
7 10 1 0 70.00
Ryan Burl *
not out
32 22 1 1 145.45
Elton Chigumbura
b Usman Qadir
18 19 1 1 94.74
Donald Tiripano
c Fakhar Zaman b Haris Rauf
15 17 1 0 88.24
Tendai Chisoro *
not out
3 5 0 0 60.00
Extras 4 (W 3,LB 1)
Total runs 134 (7 wkts, 20.0 ov)
Yet to bat

Blessing Muzarabani – Richard Ngarava
Fall of wickets

5/1 (Brendan Taylor, 1.3 ov) – 30/2 (Chamu Chibhabha, 3.3 ov) – 38/3 (Sean Williams, 4.5 ov) – 65/4 (Sikandar Raza, 9.2 ov) – 66/5 (Wesley Madhevere, 9.4 ov) – 90/6 (Elton Chigumbura, 14 ov) – 120/7 (Donald Tiripano, 18.3 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ
Mohammad Hasnain 4.0 0 28 0 7.00
Haris Rauf 4.0 0 31 3 7.75
Faheem Ashraf 4.0 0 20 1 5.00
Wahab Riaz 4.0 0 31 0 7.75
Usman Qadir 4.0 0 23 3 5.75
Batting R B 4s 6s S/R
Fakhar Zaman
c Elton Chigumbura b Blessing Muzarabani
5 11 0 0 45.45
Babar Azam
c Elton Chigumbura b Blessing Muzarabani
51 28 8 1 182.14
Haider Ali *
not out
66 43 6 3 153.49
Khushdil Shah *
not out
11 9 2 0 122.22
Extras 4 (W 3,LB 1)
Total runs 137 (2 wkts, 15.1 ov)
Yet to bat

Mohammad Hafeez – Mohammad Rizwan – Faheem Ashraf – Wahab Riaz – Usman Qadir – Haris Rauf – Mohammad Hasnain
Fall of wickets

10/1 (Fakhar Zaman, 2.1 ov) – 110/2 (Babar Azam, 12.4 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ
Blessing Muzarabani 4.0 0 33 2 8.25
Richard Ngarava 3.1 0 28 0 9.03
Donald Tiripano 2.0 0 18 0 9.00
Tendai Chisoro 3.0 0 26 0 8.67
Sean Williams 1.0 0 11 0 11.00
Sikandar Raza 2.0 0 20 0 10.00

Zimbabwe (134/7)

Brendan Taylor (3/6): Haris Rauf to Brendan Taylor, OUT! CAUGHT! Pakistan get their first wicket and the danger man for Zimbabwe departs! A good delivery by Rauf and he gets his man! On a good length outside off, moving away slightly and some extra bounce, Taylor is tempted for the punch to the off side but he does not move his feet and the ball kisses his outside edge and goes into the safe hands of Rizwan. A great start by Pakistan.

Chamu Chibhabha (15/9): Haris Rauf to Chamu Chibhabha, OUT! CAUGHT! The second wicket is down for Zimbabwe and it is their skipper who falls this time. He does not trouble Pakistan yet again and goes back on a cheap. Talking about the delivery, Rauf bowls a back of a length ball on off, Chibhabha looks for the pull but there is no space for the same, so he slices this one towards the short mid-wicket region where Ashraf makes no mistake. The second wicket for Rauf.

Sean Williams (13/10): Faheem Ashraf to Sean Williams, OUT! TIMBER! DRAGGED ON! Unfortunate way to go but he does have to walk back. Pakistan have started off with a bang. They have scalped three wickets in the Powerplay so far. On a good length around off, Williams thinks about guiding this to the third man region and looks to play it late but he does not connect the bat with the meat of the bat and it takes the inside edge and goes onto hit the stumps. Another breakthrough for Pakistan. 

Wesley Madhevere (24/22): Usman Qadir to Wesley Madhevere, OUT! LBW! Another one bites the dust and Zimbabwe are in some trouble at the moment! Half their batting line up is back in the hut and now they lost their well set batter Wesley Madhevere too. Not what they would have wanted. Qadir bowls a loopy delivery around off, Madhevere looks to sweep this one but misses it completely. A loud appeal follows and the umpire raises his finger. Madhevere has a chat with his partner and goes for the review. Ultra Edge shows no spike. Ball Tracker comes in and there are three reds. This will remain out. Madhevere walks back, taking a review along with him. Pakistan are all over Zimbabwe right now.

Sikandar Raza (7/10): Usman Qadir to Sikandar Raza, OUT! TIMBER! Beautifully bowled by Usman and he gets his first wicket in this game! Another disappointment for Raza as he walks back for a mere 7 runs. Completely cleaned him up, did Qadir. Bowls a loopy delivery around off and middle, Raza skips down the track looking to go big but he does not quite read the ball, it spins into the right-hander and goes past his defense and goes onto hit the stumps. Terrific stuff from Qadir.

Elton Chigumbura (18/19): Usman Qadir to Elton Chigumbura, OUT! STUMPED! Usman has the last laugh! Just when it looked like Chigumbura could be Zimbabwe’s saviour and take them to a good score but he has fallen as well.  A flighted leg spinner pitching on off and turning away. Chigumbura comes down the track to play at it but misses. He is too far down the track and Rizwan is too quick to whip the bails off. 

Donald Tiripano (15/17): Haris Rauf to Donald Tiripano, OUT! CAUGHT! Donald Tiripano is a goner and this is straight down the throat of the man at covers. This was hit with some power but it does not matter as this was straight to the man. Good length delivery outside off, Tiripano makes some room and smacks this towards covers but he does not get the required elevation on this as he holes out to Ashraf at covers. Another wicket for Rauf. He has been brilliant so far.

Ryan Burl* (32/22) and Tendai Chisoro* (3/5): Wahab Riaz to Ryan Burl, SIX! Finishes the innings with a stylish shot! Back of a length ball on off, Burl hammers this over the mid-wicket region for a biggie. Zimbabwe end with 134/7.

Pakistan (137/2)

Fakhar Zaman (5/11): Blessing Muzarabani to Fakhar Zaman, OUT! CAUGHT! What a soft, soft dismissal this is! Very poor from Zaman! He wanted to clear the man but he finds the man right there. Poor shot. On a good length around off, Zaman makes room and looks to loft this one over the mid on fielder but he chips it straight to Chigumbura there who is not going to drop this. A sorry showing for Zaman and Pakistan are off to a poor start.

Babar Azam (51/28): Blessing Muzarabani to Babar Azam, OUT! CAUGHT! Fifty and out for Babar Azam! Terrific catch from Elton Chigumbura! Muzarabani bangs in a short ball. It is quick and well-directed as well. Babar looks to pull but top edges it high in the air. It goes to the right of fine leg. Chigumbura covers a lot of distance and then slides to take a good, clean catch.

Haider Ali* (66/43) and Khushdil Shah* (11/9): Richard Ngarava to Khushdil Shah, FOUR! BANG! Khushdil finishes the game in style. Short ball around off, Khushdil pulls it over square leg and gets a boundary. PAKISTAN WIN BY 8 WICKETS!