20 September 2019 – History, Birthday, Death and News – India

20 September 2019 – History of Today

  • 1878 – Weekly issue of English daily The Hindu begins publication.
  • 1946 – First Kant Film Festival held.
  • 2011
    • Burhanuddin Rabbani, a former Afghan President and top negotiator of the Government Peace Council formed to negotiate with the Taliban, was killed by a suicide bomber, hiding explosives in a turban at a residence near the US Embassy in Kabul.
    • A bus going to Tafatan, a border town from the provincial capital of Quetta, has been stopped by gunmen in Balochistan’s Mustang district.
    • US President Barack Obama announces an 18-year-old ban on serving lesbians in the armed forces.
    • Bharatiya Jnanpith awarded 9th Jnanpith Award for 19 jointly to Hindi writers Amarkant and Srilal Shukla and 8th Jnanpith Award for Kannada writer Chandrasekhar Kamber.
  • 2001 – President of the United States George W.W. Bush waged war against terror.
  • 2004 – Edusat satellite successfully launched from Sriharikota base.
  • 1909 – Jewish beheading – German SS slaughters 3,2 Jews.
  • 1969 – Syria invades Jordan.
  • 1959 – Boeing 2 aircraft of Turkish Airlines crashes into Taurus Mountain, Turkey. 1 killed.
  • 1979 – Vietnam enters the UN.


  • 1897- Nana Sahib Parulekar, Marathi journalist.
  • Mahesh Bhatt, director of productions giving Hindi art films such as meaning, summary, name.
  • Sophia Loren, Famous Actress

20 September 2019 – Deaths

  • 1933- Annie Besant, Founder of the Homerul League in India.
  • 1996- Daya Pawar, Famous Literature
  • 1999- Princess, the actress known as the dream girl of Tamil cinema. His film Haridas had been playing in the cinema theater in Chennai for 114 weeks.

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